Palasa 1978

Palasa 1978 has been making a lot of noise from the past few days. It has made its way to the theaters today and read our review to find out how it is.

Story: The film has a simple concept of rich pressuring the poor. The same happens in the village of Palasa in the year 1978 as a backward caste person played by Rakshit opposes the rich. He revolts against the landlord played by Raghu Kunche and gets into big troubles in life. How all this is showcased forms the story.

Performances: The film is filled with realistic performances by the entire team. Raghu Kunche is good as the main villain and he brings a lot of depth to the film. Hero Rakshit gets a performance oriented role and he does his best.

But it is the hero’s brother who does extremely well with his revolt act. The heroine is also good in her cute role. The supporting cast also did well. The guy who played the senior landlord is also very good.

Music and BGM

Slow pace
Dull climax

Analysis: The director has studied the division between the rich and poor in the good olden days and has set the film so well in those times. His eye for detail is good and that shows in various scenes of dance, action and caste based politics in the film.

The story is simple but the manner in which it is narrated with a gripling screenplay makes things work and creates a lasting effect on the audience. The dialogues need a special mention as they are though provoking.

The film has a serious and rustic look that is well maintained by the director Karuna Kumar. He does well in extraction of performances and is a great talent to watch out for in the coming days.

The film has a old school charm and will leave a good impact. But speaking in a normal audience point of view, the movie is slow, dark and only for a section of the audience.

Rating : 2/5

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