Sulthan Movie Review

Tamil hero Karthi and Rashmika Mandanna’s rural drama, Sulthan had a simultaneous release in Telugu with the same title. Let’s analyse it.

Story: Vikram aka Sulthan (Karthi) a robotic engineer controls nearly 100 rowdies, who have a good bonding with Vikram’s father Sethupathi ( Napoleon). But after Sethupathi’s death, all of sudden, Vikram shifts his base to a small village near Amaravati along with his rowdy gang. Why did Vikram choose the village to safeguard his people? What kind of new problems will Vikram face in the village? Will he be able to change the mindset of his rowdy gang and sort out all the issues in the village? Forms the crux of the story.

Performances: Physical appearance-wise, Karthi is decent and did a good job in his role as a man, who fights to bring a change in his own people. As usual, he gave his best while performing high-voltage action sequences.

Young beauty Rashmika Mandanna is cute on the screen as a village belle but her chemistry with Karthi is not up to the mark.

Senior actors like Nepolean, Lal and others artists, who acted as rowdies are decent in their respective roles. Bollywood actor Nawab Shah and KGF fame Ramachandra Raju are not utilized in the right manner.

Technicalities: Director Bakkiyaraj Kannan’s idea of making an action-packed family drama by presenting the proceedings based on deadly rowdies is good but his screenplay has a few cliches in it.

Though the emotional setup created between Karthik and 100 rowdies has been executed in a decent manner, it is limited to a few episodes only.

Songs composed by Vivek-Mervin are loud and not helpful for the movie in a commercial context but the background score given by Yuvan Shankar Raja is good as it brings depth to a few scenes and key action sequences.

The cinematography by Sathyan Sooryan is adequate. Editing work Ruben is okay but he would have chopped almost ten minutes of the film to make things even more gripping.

Production values for this high budget film by Dream Warrior Pictures banner are lavish.

Analysis: Sulthan is an action-packed drama that deals with various elements like family, love and emotions. Though the narration is passable, the predictable screenplay and a heavy dose of regular template proceedings may not get the universal appeal. Watch it, if you like formulaic films.

Verdict: Predictable action drama 

Rating : 2/5

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