O Pitta Katha

Brahmaji has been supporting his son’s film O Pitta Katha from the last few days. The film has made its way to the screens and read our review to find out how the film is.

Story: Venkata Lakshmi is a small-town girl who is in love with her childhood friend Prabhu(Sanjay Rao). This is also the time when her Bava named Krish(Viswanth) comes back from China and he too falls in love with her. But everyone gets the shock of the life when Venkata Lakshmi gets kidnapped. Who is the man behind this, Krish or Prabhu? To know this, watch the film at a theater near you.

Performances: Nithya Shetty is the best of the lot in the film and she gives a memorable performance as a small-town girl. She is a Telugu girl and that helps her a lot in showcasing her emotions. Viswanath gets a role with negative shades and he does it quite impressively.

The main man, Sanjay Rao, son of Brahmaji is quite okay. He cannot be a typical hero and needs to act fast and change gears and get selective about only doing hero roles. Brahmaji is very good as the cop but he does not get more screen space.

Nithya Shetty

Routine Narration
predictable scenes

Analysis : The film has a very good pre-climax and climax that has been handled well by the director. The romantic thread between the lead pair Sanjay and Nithya is a pain for the audience and has nothing going its way at all. This part bores the audience completely.

The film is filled with boring scenes till the last half an hour as director does not know how to handle the story until then. The film has colorful visuals thanks to good camerawork. The production design is also appreciable, the screenplay is interesting. Dialogues are okay. Music is very bad.

The premise of the film is good but the director did not know how to make use of it. Though he added good twists in the end, by then things were down and out. The audience has lost interest in seeing regular films and O Pitta Katha is one such film that is not at all exciting except for the last 20 minutes.

Rating : 2/5

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