Dear Megha Movie Review and Rating!

Kannada hit, Dia has been remade in Telugu as Dear Megha. Starring Megha Akash, Adith Arun in the crucial roles, the film has hit the screens today. Let’s see how it is.

Story: Megha Swaroop( Megha Akash), an introvert by nature falls for her college mate named Arjun( Arjun Somayajulu). When their love life is going good, due to some unexpected incidents, Megha shifts to Mumbai. This is the time when a charming guy Adith(Adith Arun) come across Megha. Eventually, friendship blooms between them but as a twist in the tale, Arjun comes to meet Megha in Mumbai. What is the true story behind Megha and Arjun’s college love story? After Arjun’s entry, what will Megha do? Who will she pick as her life partner? To know the answer to the above questions, you have to catch the film in the theatres near you.

Performances: Megha Akash’s settled performance as an introvert girl is a plus point for the film but the emotional connectivity in her character has not been projected in a proper way. Though Megha’s presence brings some depth to the proceedings, the complications in the narration part dominate her role.

Actor Adith Arun is okay in his given crucial role but his loud and over to the top acting in a couple of scenes may not go well with the audience. The chemistry between Adith and Megha is adorable but it has not been presented in a gripping manner.

Pavithra Lokesh, who did Adith’s mother character is convincing in her role. The emotional scenes between Pavithra and Adith are presented neatly. Another actor named Arjun Somayajula did a decent job in his extended cameo appearance.

Technicalities: Music by Gowra Hari is apt for the film’s genre but most of the soundtracks and background score is lifted from the original version, Dia.

I Andrew Babu’s cinematography is a plus point as he captured the film’s mood nicely. Andrew captured a few crucial scenes nicely with his framing and lighting setup.

Editing work lacks sharpness in it as the second half of the film has a few lag episodes that look dragged and dilutes audience interest. Production values for this limited budget film are alright.

bDirector Sushanth Reddy’s thought of remaking cult Kannada hit, Dia is not a bad idea but he could have taken enough care in presenting the Telugu version according to our nativity. As most of the film is an adoption of the original version, we feel like watching Dia yet again with new faces in the key roles.

Instead, Sushanth would have worked on the changes and spent time on the screenplay version to bring freshness to the proceedings. Though he did a decent job as the director, writing-wise, Sushanth Reddy’s work is poor as none of the dialogue registers.

Overall, Dear Megha is a faithful remake that lacks freshness in it and may fail to create enough impact among the Telugu audience.

Verdict: A honest remake with nativity complications!!!

Rating: 2/5

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