Organised crime in any form is a perfidy to the society. Many youngsters take pick-pocketing and chain snatching, as they see them as the means of easy money and if they are caught, they won’t have to spend a life long imprisonment too. They feel it is easy to escape on a bike and don’t see the dark devil, those frivolous and impulsive acts leave, brewing within. Why do we speak about such heinous crimes? Well, read further you will get a good understanding…

PLOT : In a busy Metro, we are introduced to a young man Adi (Sirish) who tortures Pandu, a thug for killing two women. With the help of his friend Kumar (Sendrayan), he records a confession and gift wraps him for ACP. What is the reason behind him doing so? We are introduced to his world, a mother (Thulasi), retired father (Ram Kumar) and a younger brother Madhu (Satya). He leads a happy life but his brother, turns out to be too impulsive and greedy for money. With the help of his friend Ganesh (Nishanth) and a gold dealer Guna (Bobby Simha), he becomes a chain snatcher. Rest of the story deals with what happened to this family and how their lives got affected due to crime.

Performances : Sirish, who played the main character looked completely wooden and thankfully, there were not many scenes that he could ruin throughout the film. In few scenes, he did make an attempt but it would benefit, if he tries to improve on his skills. Satya, looked confident as a protagonist but after a point his physical appearance does overpower the style of the director and he looks completely odd in them. Still, it was him who holds the interest till the fag end of the movie. The character written for him had enormous depth and the writing enhanced his performance than otherwise.

Bobby Simha, after Chikkadu Dorakadu and Run, again did a negative role, but it rather looked like a supporting character in the end. A few more scenes and character moments for the actor would have helped the screenplay much better. Thulasi gives her best in the regular run of the mill kind of the role. Sendrayan as Kumar was good and in few scenes he had the right expression than the lead. Rest all others supported the vision of the director very well.

Technicalities : Sahithi, who has more experience in writing for dubbing movies, once again does a great job with this one too. He never let’s the nativity factor effect the impact of the story and narrative. Lyrics could have been much better from his side. Johan, used the theme score way too often through the two hours runtime and that’s a bit too much for such a realistic thriller. It was appealing but it could have added bit more to the scene had he tried to play around. On the whole, he did a decent job. Editing by Ramesh Bharathi helped the director in keeping the movie crisp and engaging. Cinematography is the major highlight for this low budget movie and N.S Uthaya Kumar gave the movie a consistent tone through out the film. Crime committed by someone in the family, wrecks the entire foundation of the family.

These kind of stories and screenplays were not new to our screen but this movie presents a fresh take to the age old subject. The concentration of the Writer-Director Ananda Krishna, here was to give the movie a more dark and realistic tone with underlying themes of crime and retribution. He excels in creating the world and introducing an audience member to it but lacks in bringing it all to a satisfying climax. Towards the end, the predicability factor takes over the innovativeness and you feel like you’ve already seen it somewhere. He did a good job in presenting the emotion and if he adds depth to his sequences and taking, he can grow even better.

Analysis : The movie Metro, introduces you to the world of a simpleton in the a metropolitan city that gets opportunistic and increasingly selfish as the story progress. Ananda Krishna, the young director makes a confident debut with the movie and we do need such well-told narratives in our Telugu Film Industry. But he does falter towards the climax and that impacts the overall feel of the movie. On the whole, you can give it a try this weekend without a second thought.

Rating : 2.5/5

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