After winning a lot of awards, Madha, an Indie film has made its way to the silver screen through the help of director Harish Shankar. Read our review to find out what this film has to offer.

Story: Nisha played by Trishna Mukherjee is a lonely girl staying in the city. She starts experiencing weird situations and behaves in a gone case kind of a girl. This is also the time when her boyfriend is also not in town. Depressed with this, she seeks help but the society sends her to a mental asylum. But there is one person who is behind this. Who is it and what he does to Nisha is the rest of the story.

Performances: Trishna Mukherjee makes a sparkling debut with Madha. She is the life and soul of the film and takes us through an emotional ride. The way she goes through so much of pain is shown beautifully by Trishna. She carves a niche for herself in the film and carries the emotion till the end. Anish Kuruvilla is a good actor and he has proved that once again with Madha. He gets a negative role and he excels in it completely. Hero Rahul Venkat is also passable in his role. The supporting cast is limited but they bring a lot of believability to the film.

Trishna Mukherjee
Arti Direction
Camera work

Slow pace
New Actors

Analysis: The film has been in the making for three long years as director Sri Vidya was struggling with budget issues. The film is really made on a low budget and once you see the film you never get that feeling as it is rich in texture and visuals. With such a low budget getting that kind of quality itself is great.

This is where the film draws you in the first place. Sri Vidya does not fall prey to commercial aspects and neatly establishes the story. She also runs three threads and confuses the audience as to what is going on in the film. She connects the dots well in the end with a good twist. Technically, the film is super strong with great BGM and camera work.

Female directors are a rarity in today’s world and here is one lady who goes ahead and convinces her work by staying true to her script. This film might not everyone’s cup of tea but still, have all the good work was done that should be appreciated and watched for honest filmmaking.

Rating: 2.75/5

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