Krishna Vrinda Vihari Movie Review and Rating!

Directed by Anish R Krishna, Krishna Vrinda Vihari starring Naga Shaurya and Shirley Setia as the lead pair has hit the silver screens today. Let’s see how it fares.

Story: Krishna( Naga Shaurya) a guy from orthodox family from a small town lands in Hyderabad to do job at a MNC. On the joining day itself, Krishna falls for a girl named Vrinda ( Shirley Setia) at work location. After repeated trials, Krishna impresses Vrinda and keeps marriage proposal before her. This is the time Vrinda reveals a key aspect in her life? To overcome the issue what will Krishna do? How will he convince his family members for the marriage with Vrinda? Later, what kind of incidents happen in the marriage life? To know that, you have to wait the film in nearest theaters.

Performances: Naga Shaurya is handsome on screen and his screen presence in a youthful role is decent. His chemistry with Shirley Setia is showcased in a superb manner.

Looks-wise singer turned actress Shirley Setia is cute on screen and impressive with her acting . Her chemistry with Shaurya is major advantage for the film.

Vennela Kishore’s comedy evokes decent fun in the first half. Satya and Rahul Ramakrishna are okay in their fun-coated roles. Brahmaji is hilarious in his Shaurya’s brother-in-law role.

Actress Raadhika Sarathkumar is good in her mother role. Other artists such as Amitash Pradhan, Jayaprakash, Annapurna are okay in their respective roles.

Technicalities: Mahati Swara Sagar’s music is good. While the songs are good on screen, the background score is apt to the proceedings.

The camera work by Sai Sriram is nice. The entire film is showcased on a rich note. Thammiraju’s editing work is decent.

Production values for this limited budget movie are good.

Analysis: Director Anish R Krishna’s work is visible on screen as he tried to present the routine template storyline in a decent manner. Though he lost the grip on a few episodes, overall his work is fine.

The family episodes between the mother-daughter-in-law thread are executed in a decent manner. The dialogues which come during this time are written with a realistic texture.

To summerize, Krishna Vrinda Vihari is a youthful family drama which has a few moments to enjoy in both the halves. If you ignore the regular format storyline, the film will end up as a one-time watch during weekend.

Verdict: Watchable family drama!

Rating: 2/5

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