Ichata Vahanamulu Niliparadu Movie Review and Rating!

Hero Sushanth’s new film, Ichata Vahanamulu Niliparadu has created curiosity among the audience with its promotional stuff. Directed by debutant Darshan, the film had its theatrical release today. Let’s see how it is.

Story: An architect named Arun( Sushanth) falls in love with his colleague Meenakshi ( Meenakshi Chaudhary). Being a crazy lover, Arun buys a new Royal Enfield bullet and to surprise Meenakshi, he goes to her area. This is the time, a robbery and murder attempt happens on a lady in Meenakshi’s neighbourhood house. Left with no option, Arun will be struck in Meenakshi’s house. Will the robbery incident create any disturbance in Arun’s love life? Who is the main head behind the robbery? How will Arun be dragged into the entire mess and what will he do to come out of it forms the main crux of the story.

Performances: Acting-wise, Sushanth did a decent job in his role. His stylish looks and screen presence will be loved by the fans for sure.

Heroine Meenakshi Chaudhary is adorable and her acting in the tense scenes will bring depth to the proceedings to an extent. Though the chemistry between the lead pair is good, it is limited to fewer scenes only.

It is good to see actor Venkat on screen after a long time and he did justice to the given special role. Other artists such as Ravi Varma, Abhinav Gomatam, Priyadarshi is okay in their roles. While Vennela Kishore evokes good laughs in the given brief role, other actors, who played the hero’s friends’ characters are fine in their roles.

Technicalities: Music by Praveen Lakkaraju is decent as two montage songs are good. His background score for the crucial second-half proceedings is engaging.

Editing by Garry BH is adequate and so is the case with the cinematography work by Brinda and Raj Krishna. While production values for this limited budget movie are okay, the entire setup created for the film is nice.

Analysis: As promoted by the team, the film is inspired by a few true events and is made into a feature film by making cinematic changes to the core concept. In this aspect, debut director S Darshan should be appreciated for picked a concept-oriented film as his first film but his treatment lacks solid impact. While he executed the entire first half of the film with dull proceedings, the crucial point in the second half has not been addressed in the right manner.

Instead of presenting the love story of Arun in the first half completely, the director would have given a detailing about the crimes or else about the robbery incidents in the society and prepared the audience mindset before revealing the main plot in the second half. Though the second half proceedings create some impact, the uneven screenplay and slow-paced narrative will fail to impress the audience.

In one word, Ichata Vahanamulu Niliparadu has a good concept but suffers from the unengaging narration.

Verdict: Dull and slow-paced!!!

Rating: 2/5

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