10 Best Telugu Movies For Kids

Telugu Movies have a reputation that most of them are made for mass audiences on similar subjects. But Telugu movies did try variety and even though all did not achieve success, there have been few films that got everything right. Here are 10 best Telugu movies that are good for kids.

Best Telugu Movies For Kids

  • Sisindri

1 Sisindri Movie

Nagarjuna Akkineni gave opportunities to many young directors and he discovered Ram Gopal Varma. With him Shivanageswara Rao became a good friend of the actor too. The director debuted with film, Money and he started getting opportunities to make limited budget comedies post it. He saw the film, Baby’s Day Out and thought it would do well in Telugu too. Back in early 90’s, every Hollywood film did not get a release in major cities too. Baby’s Day Out became popular but for Telugu market it still seemed viable comedy.

So, he went to Nagarjuna with the proposal to make the film in Telugu as Sisindri. That’s how Akhil Akkineni’s debut on screen happened at the age of 9 months. The film was Indianized with songs and few new jokes were added too. Nagarjuna played an extended cameo kind of a character with songs and fight. The movie became a rage in Telugu and Raj scored music that is still popular.


  • Anjali

2 Anjali Movie

Baby Shalini and Baby Shamili were kid superstars in South Indian Cinema in early 90’s. In boys, Tharun and Harish enjoyed that status around the same time. Mani Ratnam wanted to make a film with a baby who had special needs. He immediately casted Tharun, Shamili in the important roles. Raghuvaran and Revathi played parents of Anjali.

The story follows the family who have hyperactive kids and they seem to not care much for their parents’ threats to correct their behavior. They suddenly get to know that this young baby with special needs, Anjali is their baby sister who was believed to have died at birth but needed special care to survive. Their dad brings her home but because of her condition other children in the neighborhood make it tough for these kids. Finally, they accept her as their sister when she undergoes a life and death surgery. Mani Ratnam told this story from children’s perspective and it is a must watch.


  • Little Soldiers

3 Little Soldiers

Little Soldiers is one of the kids’ movie classics in Telugu Cinema. Knowing that very less good movies were made in kids category, this one occupies the top tier irrespective of quantity due to the quality. It still holds up very well even after 25 years of its release. Balaaditya and kids acted in the film earned a good name for their performances.

Kota Srinivasa Rao, Rohini Hatangidi and Brahmanandam also earned huge respect for playing their roles in the film. Director and producer, Gangaraju Gunnam became an household name with the success of the film. Later, he could make biggest TV blockbuster, Amrutham serial because of the fame Little Soldiers brought him.


  • Papam Pasivadu

4 Papam Pasivadu

Director V. Ramachandra Rao decided to make a film based on the South African film Lost in the Desert by Jamie Uys. He adapted the novel as Papam Pasivadu in 1972 and the movie became a huge hit. SV Ranga Rao, Devika, Master Ramu and Nagesh played very important roles in the movie.

Movie was written by Gollapudi Maruthi Rao and the songs by Chellapalli Satyam became major hit too. Even though it did not set a trend in Telugu Cinema, as an experiment that worked out wonderfully at box office, the movie opened gates for future experiments.


  • Lava Kusa

5 Lava Kusa

If you want your kids to understand the value of standing up to the people who commit crimes and learn from their mistakes, Lava Kusa is the best film for them. Being based completely on kids of Lord Rama and Seetha after their estrangement, the movie tries to keep the violence to the minimum and the kid actors are sensational.

With NTR, Anjali Devi playing lead roles as Rama & Seetha, movie became biggest hit of Telugu Cinema ever. To date, the way people are glued to their TV Screens when the film is on, is a big example for best filmmaking.


  • Swayamkrushi

6 Swayam Krushi

K. Viswanath made many memorable films in his career like Shankarabharanam, Sagara Sangamam, Swathi Muthyam, Swathi Kiranam and many others. But his movies with Chiranjeevi remain as best the socially uplifting films that the director ever made. Swayamkrushi reminds us about what talent and skill can achieve with luck helping us.

Also, the theme of the film is more about a kid understanding what is the right way to live life. The lessons said within the screenplay show us how kids can easily get spoilt and how they should be loved at the same time guided to the right path.


  • Repati Pourulu

7 Repati Pourulu Movie

Repati Pourulu is a complete social awareness theme film by director T. Krishna. Dr. Rajasekhar, Vijayashanthi, Kota Srinivasa Rao, PL Narayana, Suthi Velu and many others acted in the movie. It is majorly about how the educational system is getting corrupted and young children are losing interest in education.

While it does propagate revolutionary theories and talk about how the system is completely corrupt, he does try to give a solution to the problems. It tells young children to unite against the problems, issues and learn to solve them than adjusting to them.


  • Bala Ramayanam

8 Bala Ramayanam

Jr. NTR’s first feature film as a child actor, Bala Ramayanam was made by director Gunasekhar in late 90’s. Movie did not become a huge success but it did earn critical acclaim. The screenplay of the film and the performances of young actors won over people during the release.

As the movie suffers with slight pace issues, it is not remembered fondly as others but you can easily watch with family. Kids might just learn about mythological characters and fall in love with them as well looking at young people like them playing these big characters.


  • Pasivadi Pranam

9 Pasivadi Pranam

Megastar Chiranjeevi tried out a different concept from his regular action flicks and the movie, Pasivadi Pranam became a huge blockbuster. The movie is a Malayalam remake but Kondarami Reddy, the director of the film made it a complete entertainer with Chiranjeevi in his mind.

Raghuvaran got a meaty villain role for the first time in Telugu Cinema with the film. SP Balasubramanyam’s dubbing also helped the character to present himself as a sophisticated good natured person while he is actually a monster. Movie is thorough and thorough entertainer.


  • Balabharatam

10 Bala Bharatam

The major reason for Guna Sekhar to make Ramayanam with kids is this film, Balabharatam. Major schools in 1990’s used to project the film at assembly halls for children to learn about the mythology and also the message the film tries to deliver.

Film doesn’t tell story of entire Mahabharatam with kids and it stays with just stories of Pandavas & Kauravas as youngsters. It made such an impact at the box office that families loved to watch it over and over again. If you watch the film you will understand why we are recommending the film.


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