Best Telugu Web Series To Watch On Aha Video

Best Telugu Web Series On Aha: Web series are ruling the roost now. With theaters shut down for more than three months and there is no scope to open them for a couple of months, digital space has become the primary source of entertainment. OTT platforms are taking the major chunk of audience interest. In the OTT platforms, web series play a major role.

We all know that there is an exclusive OTT platform for the Telugu audience with the name Aha which was started by ace producer Allu Aravind. This mega-producer is adamant to make Aha the primary source of entertainment for the Telugu people. Aha was not founded long back but it already has decent content when it comes to web series. Let us have a look at the best web series this OTT platform currently have. Here it goes.

Best Telugu Web Series On Aha

  • Geetha Subhramanyam 2020

1 Geetha Subramanyam 2020

Three years back, when web series is not so booming and OTT platforms still didn’t explore the Indian market, Geetha Subhramanyam was a phenomenon. It is one of the best web series that was made a couple of years back. The tale of two youngsters live-in together is a crazy idea and their fun battles, cute romances have caught up the attention of viewers, Still, this web series which was present on Youtube is getting lakhs of views on Wirally Youtube. Now Allu Aravind offered the same director Siva Sai Vardhan who made the original to explore the same concept once again.

Siva Sai Vardhan along with Tamada Media has come up with the web series Geetha Subhramanyam 2020. Karthik and Nakshatra were chosen for the titular roles. Season 1 of this web series consists of 8 episodes and one thing is for sure. This reboot version is no less than the epic web series. You will enjoy it to the core. Start binge-watching you will feel this the Best Telugu Web Series On Aha.


  • Commit Mental

Commit Mental

Udbhav Raghunandan and Punarnavi Bhupalem starred in the web show Commit Mental which is the pick-up for the youth. In this drama, it is discussed in an entertaining way about how youth behaves when in a relationship and how will be their conflict points. Their journey has many lows, highs, and bittersweet experiences. This web series has just 5 episodes and can be completed in a single go. Have a look!


  • Locked

Locked Telugu Web Series

Thrillers and crime dramas best suit web series as filmmakers can have the option of making viewers excited for each episode. They can give a surprising end for each episode and can make the viewers binge-watch the entire series. But crime dramas and thrillers need to give the edge of the seat experience.

Locked is one such thriller which makes you keep guessing to the large extent. The story of a few people locked up in a mansion and the mastermind who is always ahead of the challenges is sure to thrill you. Especially, Satyadev’s performance in the web series stands out. It is probably for the first time that a home invasion thriller is made in Telugu and director Pradeep Deva Kumar. If you are game for mind-bending home invasion thrillers, then Locked is just for you.


  • 11th Hour

11th Hour

Surrounded by the enemies from every corner, how Arathrika Reddy wins the Corporate battle? Though she is Courageous, fearless, and ambitious, can Arathrika win the biggest battle of her life? Can she conquer the Men’s world? These are too many questions and Tamannah Bhatia has answered them in style. 11th Hour is her OTT debut and she has done a terrific job. Created by Praveen Sattaru, 11th Hour is gripping and entertaining. Don’t miss it.


  • Honeymoon


A honeymoon is an important and memorable journey in everyone’s married life. However, an unplanned HoneyMoon trip for the recently wedded Praveen and Tejaswini has many twists and turns. However, it turns out to be the best decision of their lives. How did it happen so? What highs and lows have they faced together? HoneyMoon is a light-hearted rom-com that will connect to the people who are married.


  • Mastis

Mastis Web Series

Mastis is a web series that has a stellar cast and crew. Navdeep, Raja Chembolu, Chandini Chowdary, Hebah Patel, Akshara Gowda, and Bindu Madhavi who have already proved themselves on the silver screen have come together for this web series. Created by Krish Jagarlamudi, Mastis is directed by Ajay Bhuyan. What happens when six different people’s lives get intertwined with a bar? Life is never going to be the same for these characters with fate awaiting new twists and turns.

Mastis is a happy binge-watch material. It targets the urban audience. 8 episodes of this web series provide happy watching time for the viewers. Every character in this web series has its own flaws and that’s the beauty of it. Sharp narration without deviating much from the point is the main highlight of this web series. Krish has created a neat drama that Ajay Bhuyan has presented in the most subtle way. Don’t miss this one of the Best Telugu Web Series On Aha.


  • Addham


The Road That Never Ends, Crossroads, and The Unwhisperable Secret, are three stories that come under Addham, an anthology series. “Morality is a changing goalpost,” the main conflict point of Addham is discussed in a thrilling and gripping way. Addham boasts of an ensemble cast of Jayaprakash, Rohini, M.Praveen, Prasanna, Gowtham Sundararajan, Abhirami venkatachalam, Dr.Pavithrah Marimuthu, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar. Three directors Sarjun KM, Bharath Neelakantham, Siva Ananth have directed the three stories behind Addham.


  • Shit Happens

Shit Happens Series

Shit happens is a youth-based comedy-drama. Sri Harsha Chemudu, popularly known as Viva Harsha has played the lead role in this web series along with Sameer Malla and Tarun Shetty. Shit Happens is all about how a simple incident takes an ugly turn and truly shit happens in these three youngsters’ lives.

When college mates humiliate them by calling dry batch for not trying anything fancy in their college life, they hire a hooker. Things take an ugly turn when that hooker was found dead in their place. The twists and turns the story takes will give you more fun. Shit happens can be termed as a mini web series as it has only 5 episodes of hardly a movie runtime.


  • Sin

Sin Web Series in Aha

Sin is a well-made romantic web series that has its share of adultery. Sin is a web series that talks about social stigma, marital rape. What happens when a pervert guy gets married just for the sake of sex? In Sin, the director touched on a few other topics such as women empowerment. Anand, who works in a women empowerment cell and also a pervert gets married to Nandita, who comes to know about Anand’s intentions at the start. Anand also has an extramarital affair with Nina, who doesn’t know about Anand’s marital status. Anand too maintains this relationship just for sex.

Sin is a harsh reality to take on how few perverts are affecting the lives of innocents. The climax of this web series will give a thrilling surprise. Though this web series could have been made more effective, still, Sin is a good binge-watch series as it has only 7 episodes with a short run time. Never miss this one of the Best Telugu Web Series On Aha


  • Kotha Poradu

Kotha Poradu Web Series

Kotha Poradu is our native fun-loving web series which is breezy for most of the parts. Kotha Poradu is a web series that revolves around the character Raju who is a happy-go-lucky guy. He is new to the city and faces so many challenges. The series is built-in with the right mix of emotions. The local Telangana dialect gives a new dimension to the series. Though the series feels dragged in the middle part, the ends give us the feel of a good watch.

Anvesh Michael has played the lead role and he is the director for this web series as well. Kotha Poradu could end up as a nice timepass entertainment for you. Go for it.


How many of these web series did you watch from the above list of Best Telugu Web Series On Aha? If not go for the mentioned above.