11 Best Movies of Super Star Mahesh Babu

Super Star Mahesh Babu needs no introduction. He is one of the rare heroes in South India who can emote any kind of emotion to perfection. His subtle acting needs special mention though. Rightly in a function, NTR said that Mahesh is the only hero in Telugu Cinema Industry who has experimented largely in his career. Mahesh acted in films as a child actor too. So acting is not an alien thing for the Super Star.

However, since his debut, there is no looking back for him. Mahesh’s movies might fail but not him. He has always excelled as an actor irrespective of the result. He has already earned respect through his films. So it is extremely difficult to pick out some of the best movies in his career. He has done 26 movies so far and gearing up for his 27th which is titled Sarkaru Vaari Paata.

List of Mahesh Babu’s Best Telugu Movies

  • Rajakumarudu

01 Rajakumarudu

Debut movie is always a special thing for any actor. So Rajakumarudu is special for Mahesh Babu. He made his debut in the direction of K Raghavendra Rao and his debut was well taken care of. Though a debut film, Mahesh hasn’t shown anything like nerves. He is confident and has given his best at that time. The film ended up as a success and launched Mahesh successfully into the Telugu Film Industry as a male lead. Mahesh has won the Nandi award for his performance in the movie.


  • Murari

02 Murari

Murari can be termed as the first major successful film for Mahesh Babu. The film has satisfied the fans, critics, and the common audiences alike. Mahesh Babu is hyperactive in the movie and everybody liked to see Mahesh in such a role. His comedy timing, emotional acting won critical applause and audience reception. Especially, Murari brought Mahesh fans close to the family section. For his performance in the film, Mahesh has won Nandi special jury award.


  • Okkadu

03 Okkadu

Okkadu can be termed as the game-changing moment in the career of the Super Star. It is the first biggest blockbuster in his career. The movie brought Mahesh close to every section of the audience. It is one of the movies that fans of Mahesh love to the fullest. There are a few goosebumps moments in this movie that can be enjoyed even today. He has won the Filmfare award for his performance in the movie. Okkadu is one of the best commercial potboilers in the Telugu Cinema Industry.


  • Nijam

04 Nijam

Though a commercial failure, Nijam is one of the best movies in Mahesh Babu’s career. His emotional acting in the movie as an Innocent youngster impresses you a lot. One of the best performance-oriented roles in the career of Mahesh Babu, he has excelled in the interval scene in this movie. Nijam will be special in the career of Mahesh and as well as for his fans. He has even won the Nandi Special Jury Award for his performance in the movie.


  • Pokiri

05 Pokiri

Pokiri changed the face of the commerciality of the Telugu Cinema. Mahesh’s career shot a few notches higher with this movie. The climax has stunned everyone at the time of the release. Still, it is a big goosebumps moment. Mahesh excelled in the role of Pandu Gaadu. Puri Jagannath has etched a memorable role for Mahesh Babu and his fans are forever indebted to the daring and dashing director. Mahesh has won the Filmfare award for this movie.


  • Khaleja

06 Khaleja

Mahesh is out of films for around three years and Mahesh fans are worried about their matinee idol. Then came the film Khaleja. Fans of Mahesh and even the common audience are stunned with the transformation of Mahesh Babu. Actually, Mahesh’s career can be divided into two parts. Before Khaleja and After Khaleja. There is a clear transformation of Mahesh Babu. His comedy timing in the movie is on the spot. He is extremely lovable in this movie.


  • Dookudu

07 Dookudu

Though in Khaleja, Mahesh impressed with his acting skills and style quotient, the film is a failure. For around five years, Mahesh hasn’t had success and his fans are eagerly waiting for a huge one. Then came Dookudu which is one of the biggest commercial successes in the Telugu Film Industry. Mahesh has got a complete role which showcases many variations of the Super Star. Mahesh again shoots up to the top range with this movie. Mahesh has won both Nandi and Filmfare awards for this movie.


  • Businessman

08 Businessman

Ask any Mahesh Babu fan to come up with Mahesh’s best films and Business Man will definitely be in the top 3. It is one of the fierce performance of Super Star Mahesh Babu. Puri Jagannath has given strong characterization to the Super Star. Surya Bhai is one of the best-etched characters in the Telugu Cinema Industry.


  • 1 Nenokkadine

09 1 Nenokkadine

Actually more than hit movies, flop movies of Mahesh turns out to be memorable. After Nijam, 1 Nenokkadine is one of the best performance-oriented roles for Mahesh. His performance in the interval episode and the climax are unforgettable ones for Mahesh Babu.


  • Srimanthudu

10 Srimanthudu

1 Nenokkadine and Aagadu turn out to flop for Mahesh after the successful Seethamma Vaakitlo Sirimalle Chettu. Mahesh is in need of big commercial success and then came to the movie Srimanthudu. It is one of the rare movies in Telugu Cinema where the message is beautifully blended along with the commercial values. Mahesh’s performance throughout the movie is worth mentioning. His subtle acting made the movie more appealing to the audience. Mahesh has turned producer with this movie. He has won both Nandi and Filmfare awards for this movie.


  • Bharat Ane Nenu

11 Bharat Ane Nenu

Again the same situation got repeated. After Srimanthudu’s super success, Mahesh’s career took a huge blow with the failures of Brahmotsavam and Spyder which are not only just failures but heavily criticized. Bharat Ane Nenu is a huge sigh of relief for both Mahesh and his fans. His performance in the role of a Chief Minister is worth mentioning one. Mahesh just lived in the character.


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