Best Detective Movies in Tollywood

Detective movies are one of the most anticipated movie genres in Tollywood. The genre is blessed with the suspense factor which keeps you glue to the screen. The success of this kind of film depends on how good the director holds the suspense. However, it is not so easy to make movies in this genre. A lot of research needs to be done in making these kinds of movies. However, Tollywood is blessed with some Best Investigative and Detective Thrillers right from the good old days. Here are some of the Best Detective Movies in Telugu Cinema.

Best Detective Movies in Tollywood

  • Agent Sai Srinivas Atreya

01 Agent Sai Srinivas Atreya

Agent Sai Srinivas Atreya is one of the best detective based films in Tollywood. The film has hit the right elements and has scored all the brownie points. Naveen Polishetty suited to the role of the agent. Agent Sai Srinivas Atreya in the film is a struggling detective and how things turn out to be a personal loss for him into a major conspiracy is the crux of the story. Swaroop RSJ is the director of the movie and it went onto become a major success. Even the background music by Mark K Robin is excellent and fits well with the story.


  • Ave Kallu

02 Ave Kallu

Ave Kallu is one of the first detective films in Tollywood. Krishna is known for many firsts in Telugu Cinema. Ave Kallu is one of the best detective films in Telugu Cinema. Even today, Ave Kallu feels contemporary. The film takes its time to get into the story but once when it gets into the story, it goes to another level. Krishna in this film is too good. Kanchana returns from college to find that her family is murdered. Krishna helps Kanchana in the case to solve. The only clues left available are a half-smoked cigar and a mysterious woman with only eyes visible. The clues are too interesting and the suspense factor is too good for the movie lovers.


  • Detective Narada

03 Detective Narada

Vamsy who is majorly known for his comedy movies has attempted a detective film that has a variety feel to it. Mohan Babu has played the lead role in the movie. Ilaiyarajaa’s songs are chartbusters and can be enjoyed even now. Detective Narada is not so successful film at the box office but the film had its moments. Detective Narada is a private detective who sets out to solve the case of a woman’s mysterious pregnancy.


  • Anveshana

04 Anveshana

Again a Vamsy film. Anveshana is one of the best thrillers we have seen in Tollywood. There is a detective angle in the movie and how the mystery unfolds is quite exciting for movie lovers. Anveshana released in 1985 is too good at that time. The movie has the fear factor that audiences in those days got frightened to watch the movie. Anveshana revolves around the point of investigating serial killings happening in a remote village that has a forest attached to it. The fact behind the serial killings will definitely stun you.


  • Chantabbai

05 Chantabbai

Jandhyala is known for his comedy. He has attempted yet another comedy entertainer but this time he has added the detective genre to his subject and the result is Chantabbai. The comedy scenes in this movie are evergreen and can be enjoyed even after a hundred times of viewing it. But besides the comedy angle, Chantabbai has an unsolved case which only gets complicated by digging deeper. The climax of the film will give a surprise and the end has a special message that will make everyone emotional. Chiranjeevi is very good in his role as Chantabbai.


  • Goodachari 116

06 Goodachari 116

Krishna who is known for detective movies has attempted an evergreen classical detective based film. Goodachari 116 is Tollywood’s evergreen detective movie and if at all a list is made about the detective movies in Indian Cinema then Goodachari 116 definitely needs to find the place. Released in 1966, Goodachari 116 is the first spy film. It has stunned everyone. Krishna has got a special image with this movie. Krishna plays the role of Gopi. Agent Gopi is evergreen in Tollywood. It has been a game-changing moment.


  • Goodachari

07 Goodachari

Adivi Sesh has reinvented himself as a writer with the movie Goodachari. The film right from the start sticks to the point. A guy who is so obsessed to join as a detective finally gets to join that but on his graduation day he was framed into killing 2 RAW officials. Goodachari is one of the best thrilling, sophisticated spy based films in Tollywood. Sashi Kiran Thikka is the director of the film and Adivi Sesh himself has given the story. He has even contributed to the screenplay as well. Adivi Sesh plays the role of Gopi in the film. Goodachari has collected 4 times more than the budget. Goodachari was wrapped in just 6 Crores. By looking at the visuals you cannot believe that. Adivi Sesh and his team have done a fantastic job in achieving that.


  • Evaru

08 Evaru

Evaru is a crime thriller and comes under the investigative genre. So we can include this film on the list. Evaru is one of the best works of Adivi Sesh. The film has been officially adapted from the Spanish film The Invisible Guest. Adivi Sesh has been involved in the writing once again with this movie. Evaru has the suspense factor throughout the movie and the ending twist will just leave you stunned. Adivi Sesh probably mastered the art.


  • 118

09 118

One of the most underrated spy based films in recent times. Nandamuri Kalyan Ram has played the lead role in the movie. KV Guhan who is a renowned cinematographer has turned into a director with this film. 118 is a decent thriller and has performed decently well at the box office. A good one-time watch.


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