Idi Naa Love Story

When we meet a stranger, we end up trying to understand them if they look interesting enough. And if that meeting, needs to be with a person who can share our life, we show even more interest in their likes and dislikes to find some kind of connection after the attraction plays it part. We try to be at our best behaviour and if we find the connection, we try to open up as much as we can.

Such encounters sometimes can end up being one of the sweet memories with the person, we share our life. But most of the times, they can be sweet painful memories. One such memory is Idi Naa Love Story.

Plot : Abhiram (Tharun) finds himself in Jail after, Sruthi (Oviya) files a sexual harassment case on him. He tries to explain that they both fell in love but she denies to identify him. As, he opens up with police, we get to know that he is a popular ad filmmaker and he came to meet Sruthi on his sister’s insistence.

He meets her and tries to form a connection. But after a while, he gets to know that she is not Sruthi, but Abhinaya. Still, attracted to her, he decides to spend entire day with her. He falls in deep love with her and they both unite. Next morning, she herself files the harassment case. What happened to her? How did they both in deep love within a day? What is her problem? Watch the movie to know answers…

Performances : Tharun used to have a boyish charm that helped him in playing the boy-next-door romantic hero roles in his early days. He got fixated to such films majorly. His transformation to more serious and elderly roles, did not work out due to his script selection. But he came back with his one. Right now, he doesn’t seem to have same charm and even though he can still perform well, he needs to re-invent himself as an actor.

Oviya Helen, is a pretty woman and that’s all we can say. She might have become so popular due to her real life antics in a show like Bigg Boss Tamil, but her acting skills seem to be completely absent.

Manchu Manoj did a cameo and delivered a monologue but that did not entirely help the film. There is nothing to talk about other actors.

Technicalities : Cinematographer, Christopher Joseph tried to present the locations and the actors in the limited budget he got but the dated feeling and less quality visuals, kill the movie. He couldn’t help to increase the quality and even few shots look completely lousy.

Editor, Shankar did try to make a film out of the random footage. He succeeded in assembling it into a film, but failed to completely give the movie a structure. It’s mostly because of writing but even his work seems to be compromised to the necessities of runtime.

Songs by Srinadh Vijay are not bad and the good instrumentation makes them audible. But they are not hummable and the problem lies in them being too familiar. His BGM is highly inspired from AR Rahman early works and Ye Maaya Chesave.

Writer and Director, Ramesh Gopi, doesn’t seem to have enough knowledge on how much of dialogue is enough for a scene. He tries to ape some masters and give his own definitions. They are plain out hilarious and sadly, amateurish. Nothing makes any sense as the conversations that are heart of the original, Simple Agi Ondhu Love Story.

He characters doesn’t have any consistency and the screenplay doesn’t have a progression. Rather than feeling that the main couple is falling for each other, we tend to feel like they are boring us with their shenanigans. This kills the feel of the love story.

Analysis : Tharun somehow lost his charm and even his screen presence seems to have been diluted. His aged looks did not suit his character much and he needed to work more hard to prove that he is young enough. Had he concentrated on the script more and brought in some fresh and young ideas to the script, it would have been a much better film. On the whole, he once again delivers a forgettable monologue of a film!

Rating : 1/5

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