Hyderabad Love Story

Love stories are like few nostalgic memories, we tend to re-live time and again any number of times. We go to theatres to make new ones or connect with older ones that made us a romantic in the first place. Few films dig deep into mythology of love at first sight, first love and even talk about how we might be missing something if we do not find love in our life. But they are few more that are pure painful to get through. We might have witnessed one such love story!

Plot : Bhagyalakshmi (Srija Jose) loves to talk to Moon. She finds a connection with moonlight and the presence of moon, changes her perspective on things. As she thinks Moon is a metaphor for finding a right husband, she sees Karthik (Rahul Ravindran) at a marriage.

She decides to forge a friendship and relationship with him. Slowly, they both come closer and friends of Karthik are introduced to her. One friend Ali, seems to be too close to Karthik. Their relationship almost makes Bhagyalakshmi to believe that Karthik is a gay. Is he really sexually oriented to men? Is there a misunderstanding? What does he do for a living and why does he have such a relationship with Ali? Find answers to these questions by watching the film..

Performances : Rahul Ravindran seems to have accepted this movie right before he got a break with Andala Rakshasi. Might be for his bad luck or good, this movie found a release after almost four years, it has been ready. We have to feel pity for him as he seemed as clueless as rest of the audience to know what director and makers wanted to convey.

Srija Jose, can expect some Oscars type awards and other awards, that will honor bad acting. She did not just react or act, overreacted and overacted every scene and every emotion. She has or had a great loveable screen presence but all seems to have gone waste.

Other actors too seemed to have just no clue on what they were doing and why they were doing what they were doing. Somehow they were able to do something and we just witnessed few things. But nothing is mentionable.

Technicalities : Amarendranath Reddy, handled the cinematography of the film. It made no sense as his shot composition indicated something and scene tried to convey some other thing. May be that took movie such long time to complete. If it feels like an harsh remark, just watch the film, we think you will have many more for the kind of work, you see on the screen.

MR Varma, handled the editing of the movie. We think he simply executed the cut and approved after some of his assistants completed it. There is no rhyme and reason for scenes that come and go. Had he tried to remove all unnecessary scenes, we might have ended up with no film at all. May be that would have been a bigger help.

Sunil Kashyap, gave the music for the film. He had one good tune and tried to mix it, remix it and re-remix it in the film. That did not work out much for the benefit of the film and his Back Ground score is painful to hear.

Writer and director, Rajasatya, seems to have written something that feels like an out of box story, just for the sake of making it look like an out-of-box one. The scenes really don’t connect and the way, it unfolds we just end up watching an ad film for Hyderbad Metro Rail, that had been in construction for years. We cannot fathom on how he ended up taking up this story for this film. His metaphorical suggestions and love for aesthetics, all seem to have been confounded. Had he tried hard to even narrate a simple story in his own style, the output and the movie, could have been different than what it is. Trust us, that would have been far far better.

Analysis : For many films you tend to highlight the positives and negatives, accordingly, to let the audience and our readers know, what they should expect before watching. Few films need a statutory warning, that they have been long in production and found a release after so many years of struggle. That could prepare some enthusiasts, who still wants to encourage a film and filmmaker.

But this even had it released during the time, that is 2014, the movie would have looked dated and even more sadly, clueless. Even though it is heartbreaking, to see someone’s dream go such wrong, it is also a must to know that in competition, survival of the fittest means, you have to smart and intelligent from others in the pack but not different to feel special. Different can be destructive and constructive, this movie belongs to the destructively different category!

Rating : 0.5/5

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