Qubool Hai Web Series Review and Rating!

As promised, Aha came up with yet another interesting concept this week, titled Qubool Hai. The trailer of the web series, which was released a few days ago, promised a gritty drama, let’s see how the web series has turned out to be.

Story: Based on true incidents, Qubool Hai explores a new angle of the lovely Hyderabad city we know, going into the depths of the Old City, and what transpires there, focusing on the child marriages in the Muslim community. The story follows the wedding of a 13-year-old kid, and what transpires in between, how a policeman comes into the picture, what the society is like, around her. What finally happens forms the rest of the story.

Performances: With the exception of Vinay Varma, the rest of the cast are new faces, with barely one or two credits to their names. Everyone fits their bill perfectly and does well with what they are given. This is an ensemble story, which gives equal weight to every character that comes into play, and no single character is given more importance than the other, highlighting every actor’s performance.

Technicalities: The cinematography and the production design of the web series are excellent, with every frame so beautiful and realistic that you wouldn’t know the difference between a set-piece and a real location. The makers have captured the essence of the Old City of Hyderabad perfectly as well. The background score is also very apt for the scenes that play out.

Analysis: Like every story, even Qubool Haai has its own sets of flaws when it came to the execution. However, the makers managed to deliver the message that they intended to, which will hit hard in the end. The proceedings are rather slow, but the series takes time to set up its world, and does so quite well.

Verdict: A watchable, gritty drama

Rating: 3/5

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