Fans celebrate Magadheera’s anniversary!

Anniversaries come and go, every year. It is the way of life and we can not change it as time files. But when you celebrate the anniversary and make it special, then it becomes a very special item to talk about. Magadheera achieved financial success in Telugu Cinema like no other one before in that decade. After Shiva, if a film could change the Industry’s thinking then it is Magadheera.

This film’s success opened the full stamina of Telugu Cinema market and even introduced many to potential markets in other languages. Baahubali took this idea and changed the complexion of film business in Telugu Cinema for sure. Ram Charan and Kajal Aggarwal fans are thrilled to see the film crossing 11 years mark and are celebrating the occasion with special edits, trends on Twitter and thanks messages to director, SS Rajamouli.

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