06 Best Movies Of Ram Charan

Mega Power Star, the tagline is enough for crores of fans to go merry. Ram Charan made his debut in the year 2007 and it is a much-celebrated one. Why Not? He is the heir of the mega clan. Son of Mega Star Chiranjeevi, his brother Pawan Kalyan is yet another top star. The combination of Mega and Power, Ram Charan made his debut amid huge expectations. The word is huge is very small to the comparison we are talking about here. Charan has done only 12 films so far and his 13th one is the much-awaited RRR in which he will be playing the role of Alluri Seetha Ramaraju. We all witnessed a small glimpse of what we are going to witness. He is extremely impressive and menace in that role.

Now, keeping that aside, let us see what are the best movies of Mega Power Star Ram Charan in his so far short career.

Best Movies Of Ram Charan

  • Chirutha

1 Chirutha Movie

Like discussed, Chirutha is one of the most anticipated star kids debuts we ever witnessed. The euphoria around the movie at the time of release is just unparalleled. Chiranjeevi has planned Ram Charan’s debut very carefully. He has selected Puri Jagannath as the director who can handle any type of story in his own style. Frankly, Chirutha is a very ordinary story. But who cares for the story when the movie is all about a top hero son’s debut. Chirutha is all about showcasing what Charan is actually capable of and Ram Charan has excelled in that. He ticks marked all the boxes that were put in front of him. Be it acting, expressions, dialogue delivery, dances, emotional sequences, Charan has proven that he is a game for this tough world. To date, Chirutha is one of the best hero entry movies in Telugu Cinema. The buildup before Charan’s entry, Mani Sharma’s terrific background music makes up for a fantastic introduction of Ram Charan. While reading this, the outstanding BGM of Mani Sharma should play in your year. A perfect launch and a decent debut for Charan. He has won Nandi special jury in his debut film and it will be special for sure.


  • Magadheera

2 Magadheera Movie

While Chirutha was released in 2007, his second film took more than a year for release and nobody understood why it took so much time until it got released. Magadheera is a stunning work for SS Rajamouli and it is for the first time that other industries actually looked out SS Rajamouli’s work and wowed in admiration. Magadheera is certainly the most special film in Ram Charan’s career. Though it is a second film, Ram Charan actually worked out it like a pro. Be it Harsha or Kaala Bhairava, Charan beautifully molded in both the characters. His emotions and actions in the movie are on a different level. Magadheera showcased the true box office stamina of the Telugu Film Industry. It pushed the notch a few inches higher. The horse riding sequence in the flashback and 100 Men killing episode are certainly goosebumps worthy sequences every time you watch. Ram Charan’s craze manifolded many times after this movie. Ram Charan has won both Nandi and Filmfare awards for his performance in the movie.


  • Orange

3 Orange Telugu Movie

After a huge attempt like Magadheera, Ram Charan wants to cool it and selected a breezy romantic entertainer like Orange but with a different and complicated storyline. Bhaskar was the director of this movie who earlier directed two super hits Bommarillu and Parugu. However, the expectations were too high on this movie and the film failed to meet them by any means. Orange is a disaster at the box office but later earned cult status. There are few sections of audiences who enjoy this movie even now and the songs of this movie are pure bliss. They are evergreen. After an over the top action film, Ram Charan played a youngster who is in search of true love and he did justice to his role. Despite its box office result, Orange is definitely one of the best movies of the Mega Power Star.


  • Govindudu Andari Vaadele

4 Govindudu Andarivadele Movie

Post Orange, Ram Charan is too into action mode with the movies Naayak, Zanjeer, Yevadu. So he made a conscious decision of changing the genre and selected a complete family drama in the direction of Krishna Vamsi. It was a good changeover for Ram Charan for sure and the film was a moderately successful film. Ram Charan has proved that he can versatile roles and he is too good in emotional scenes.


  • Dhruva

5 Dhruva Movie

Dhruva is the first remake for Ram Charan. He was extremely impressed with Thani Oruvan and made Allu Aravind buy the movie rights. Stylish director Surender Reddy was selected as the director. Dhruva was a solid successful film in Ram Charan’s career. Charan has done a neat job in this movie. Certainly, Dhruva will be in the Top 5 list of Ram Charan. The story and screenplay of this movie need that recognition.


  • Rangasthalam

6 Rangasthalam

Though Ram Charan has a relatively successful career compared to other star heroes, he had been facing some criticism about his serious roles and challenge-less performances in his movies. Rangasthalam is a tight slap on the faces of the rumors. It is undoubtedly the best movie with Ram Charan. He excelled in the role of a hearing-impaired character. Rangasthalam is definitely the most special character for Charan. He has earned huge respect for his performance. He has answered all the criticism that was thrown towards him with his character Chitti Babu. His performance when his lovable brother dies is the most satisfying factor for any mega fan. This film made every mega fan up his collar and say that is our hero’s stamina.


Post-Rangasthalam, Ram Charan couldn’t capitalize on it and made a bad movie Vinaya Vidheya Rama but his next film will cover up for that sure. He is again working with Rajamouli for RRR. The film is going to be a Pan Indian movie that is going to be released in 10 Indian languages. Ram Charan is teaming up with another top hero NTR. RRR will add to this list very soon.

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