Ala Vaikunthapurramloo

Bunny was away from the limelight for over a year and half till now and he has finally released his new film Ala Vaikunthapuramlo today. Read on to see how the film turns out to be.

Story: Valimiki played by Murali Sharma interchanges his son with that of his boss’s baby. He sends his son to enjoy all the riches and brings Allu Arjun and keeps torchering him throuout his childhood. But after a point, Allu Arjun comes to know about this and enters his actual home. What will happen next and how his actual family treats him is the crux of the story.

Performances: Allu Arjun is the show stealer and is getting better with each film of his. Here too he is on another level and provides solid entertainment with his body language, dances and mannerisms.

Pooja Hegde looks super cute and has a crackling chemistry with Bunny. Jayram is good as a emotional father. Tabu has been wasted in her role as she has nothing much to do in the film.

Murali Sharma is the star of the film with his cunning performance. Sunil has a blink and miss role. Harshvardhan was okay. Nivetha was good. Sushanth did his role quite well in the end. Rajendra Prasad was good in his cameo.


Allu Arjun
Trivikram story and narration


Weak villain

Analysis: The audience expect son stop entertainment from a film which Tivikram directs and he does the same here too. He has packed entertainment in such a way that the audience will love the film.

The story is started quite well in the first half and the songs are so nicely placed that you cannot stop grooving to them. Then romance between the lead pair and the manner in which it is adjusted into the storyline is superb during the interval bang.

The second half too has many episodes which keep thrilling the audience time and again. The manner in which the meeting episode is narrated with good songs is a treat to watch on screen. Upon this, the placement of Ramulo song comes in such a right moment that it works quite well.

The emotions are also very good but the climax is rushed up a bit. But Bunny has made things so perfect this time that the film is an entertaining watch for everyone. Icing on the cake is the entertaining songs which will bring crowds to the theaters.

Rating: 3.5/5

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