10 Best Movies Of Pawan Kalyan

Power Star Pawan Kalyan has been one of the top actors in Telugu Cinema. Very rarely actors get the cult following that even their flops didn’t succeed their craze would not go down a bit. Pawan Kalyan hasn’t scored a single success for almost a decade yet Pawan was one of the top actors with the highest craze. The actor after Agnatavasi has bid goodbye to the films for his political ambitions. Now as he got free time from politics, the actor has decided to make his re-entry. Pawan Kalyan is now busy with as many as five movies. However, let us have a look at the best films of Pawan Kalyan. Here are some of them.

Best Movies Of Pawan Kalyan

  • Suswagatham

01 Suswagatham

Suswagatham is Pawan Kalyan’s third film. Yet he has played his role, Ganesh, very effectively. Suswagatham is an emotional romantic entertainer. The movie depicts the struggle of true love. Ganesh played by Pawan Kalyan, loves Sandhya very much. He spends four years of his love just following her. Sandhya knows this but she avoids him completely and even says that she didn’t like the concept of love. However, things turned dramatically and Ganesh loses his father. Even he cannot perform the last rites. Though Sandhya comes back to Ganesh, he realizes that there are more important things than love. Bheemineni Srinivasa Rao has directed this movie. It is a decent film by Pawan Kalyan.


  • Tholi Prema

02 Tholi Prema

One of the epic classics of the 90s. Tholi Prema is a film that can be watched multiple times yet you didn’t feel bore. The scenes in the movie are still fresh. A Karunakaran has made this movie a memorable one for Pawan Kalyan. These are the times when Pawan Kalyan is building his own base, coming out of the shadow of Chiranjeevi. It is one of the best roles for Pawan Kalyan. He has made sure that he did complete justice to the role of Balu. Keerthy Reddy is the heroine in this film. Heroine’s introduction shot is still one of the best in Telugu Cinema. Tholi Prema will definitely be in Pawan Kalyan’s top 5. The film has even won a national award too.


  • Thammudu

03 Thammudu

This film made Pawan Kalyan a brand in the youth. 90s kids used to follow Pawan’s style and mannerisms. He caught the pulse of the then youth perfectly. Thammudu is one of the biggest hits in Pawan Kalyan’s career. The songs in the film are sensational then. Pawan’s appearance and dialogue delivery are very well connected to the youth. They went mad by just watching Pawan Kalyan. Thammudu is a sports-based film directed by P.A. Arun Prasad. The film has been a gigantic hit. Ramana Gogula is the music director for the movie.


  • Badri

04 Badri

Pawan Kalyan has already attained star status with continuous hits. Badri has made sure Pawan Kalyan is reaching the top league. The attitude shown by Pawan Kalyan in the film is sensational. The dialogue “Nuvvu Nanda Ayite Nenu Badri Badrinath” has created massive euphoria. This is daring and dashing director Puri Jagannath’s debut film. Badri is sensational in many ways. The movie’s songs are catchy. The style and mannerisms by Pawan Kalyan have made him more connected to the youth. Badri is Renu Desai’s debut film as well.


  • Kushi

05 Kushi

Suswagatham, Tholi Prema, Thammudu, Badri, and then Kushi. The range of successes kept on increasing for Pawan Kalyan. He has been on the back of 4 blockbusters. Kushi has brought a peak in Pawan’s career. The film has become an industry hit with youth went crazy about this movie. SJ Suryah has made a simple but effective love story. Kushi bags are a big trend in those days. Kushi has been one of the craziest films in Pawan Kalyan’s career. Vintage Pawan can be seen in these movies as he was more active in his early career.


  • Jalsa

06 Jalsa

Post Kushi, Pawan Kalyan has seen a string of flops and Jalsa is a breath of relief for him. This film released after five flops from Pawan Kalyan. Though this film hadn’t shown the best in Pawan Kalyan it is still one of the best. Such are his standards. Trivikram Srinivas for the first time collaborated with Pawan Kalyan and the result is magnificent. Mahesh Babu’s voice-over for the movie is an added attraction and brought a new dimension.


  • Panjaa

07 Panjaa

Though a flop, Panjaa is a special movie for Pawan Kalyan’s fans. Power Star is extremely stylish in this movie. He fits the bill as a hitman. Panjaa was a rage before the release. The film didn’t reach the expectations though. Still a film that can be mentioned as one of the best in Pawan Kalyan’s career.


  • Gabbar Singh

08 Gabbar Singh

The film ended up all the frustration of Pawan Kalyan fans. They wanted a hit from their star for the past 10 years but his movies are disappointing. There is not even a single highly satisfying film from the Power Star. Then came the film Gabbar Singh. Directed by Harish Shankar, Gabbar Singh has made every Pawan Kalyan fan proud again. Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s fans raised the collars again with this movie. It is a highly entertaining one. Harish Shankar has cleverly molded the screenplay of the film that is completely different from the original Dabangg.


  • Attarintiki Daaredi

09 Attarintiki Daaredi

Again, Trivikram Srinivas and Pawan Kalyan teamed up and the result is Attarintiki Daredi. The film got leaked online before the release. Yet the film ended being an industry hit. Attarintiki Daaredi is a film where one can give a repetitive watch. The film stars Samantha in the female lead role. Pawan Kalyan as Gautham Nanda aka Siddhu is too entertaining. Trivikram Srinivas has weaved magic in the movie. Attarintiki Daaredi is another film that can be in Pawan’s top 5 list unanimously.


  • Gopala Gopala

10 Gopala Gopala

Though not the main lead role, Gopala Gopala will be special in Pawan Kalyan’s career. His performance as modern Lord Krishna is too good. Gopala Gopala stars Venkatesh in the other lead role. The connection between humans and god was well-conceived in the movie. It also showcases what is it to truly worship a god.


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