Tollywood’s scarcity of villains continues

Tollywood has no scarcity when it comes to lead actors, with a new lead actor surfacing in every film. While some of these actors manage to create a loyal fanbase for themselves, some are not as lucky. While this trend continues to go on, the same is not the case with actresses and villains in Tollywood.

Actresses are very easily disposed of in the industry, and only a few manage to stick it out. This situation is worsening by the day, with more and more actresses making their debut, but none of them being able to make a mark in the industry. This is the same case with villains in Tollywood. Once an actor gets success as a villain in a film, he will be seen in a handful of films immediately. After that, though, he is very soon replaced.

Sometimes, even villains fail to make their mark, which forces filmmakers to bring in versatile and veteran actors who have played villains a ton of times in their career previously. This is exactly what’s happening with Prakash Raj, Jagapathi Babu and Sonu Sood right now, who are being the go-tos for villains for filmmakers right now, as there’s a severe shortage of villains in the industry.

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