Sehari Movie Review and Rating!

Young actor Harsh Kanumilli’s debut film under the direction of Gangasagar Dwaraka is carrying good buzz among the youth audience. Co-starring Simran Choudary as the female lead, the film has hit the screens today. Let’s analyse it.

Story: After a breakup with his college mate Subbalakshmi, out of frustration Varun(Harsh Kanumilli) decides to get arranged marriage to a girl named Aliya. Soon after the match looks are done, Aliya’s elder sister Amulya enters the scene to look after her sister’s engagement and marriage events. This is the time Varun gets close to Amulya and eventually gets attracted to her. What will Varun do now? Will he marry Aliya or propose to Amulya? Forms the crucial crux of the film.

Performances: Though the film is Harsh’s debut film, he impresses with his acting as a guy who lacks clarity on life. Be it in emotional love scenes or in fun scenes with his family, Harsh did the given role with so much confidence. If the young actor continues the same momentum, he has high chances to become a bankable actor in Tollywood.

Simran Choudhary is cute on the screen and did justice to the given purposeful role. Her chemistry with Harsh is one of the major plus points for Sehari. The girl who played Simran’s sister role is good in her extended cameo role.

Veteran music composer Koti did a decent job as the hero’s father. Noted actor Abhinav Gomatam evokes hilarious fun throughout the film. A new actor who played the hero’s sidekick role did a good job in his full-length role. Other supporting artists like N Balakrishna and Anisha Alla who did key roles are okay with their performances.

Technicalities: Soundtracks composed by Prashanth R Vihari bring a fresh vibe to the film. While all the songs are audible on the screen, his background score is apt for the film’s genre.

Aravind Vishwanathan’s photography is an added advantage for the film as he showcases the entire film on a colourful note. Editing by Ravi Teja Girijala is good as he kept the runtime in limits.

Production values for this limited budget movie by Advaya Jishnu Reddy’s Virgo Pictures are rich and visible on the screen.

Analysis: Ad filmmaker Gangasagar Dwaraka turned feature director with Sehari and one can easily say that he made an impressive debut. The way he executed the movie with so many refreshing moments in the narrative is good.

Harsh Kanumilli himself provided story, screenplay and dialogues for the film and passes the test in distinction. While the story is simple yet heartwarming, the screenplay and dialogues by Harsh are an advantage for the film. After racy and filled scenes in the first half, the pace in the second half drops a bit but again picks up during the pre-climax portions.

To summerize, Sehari is a youthful family drama that revolves around the life story of a young man who has confusion in taking decisions. The premise created and the fun coated narration makes Sehari a must watch entertainer this weekend.

Verdict: Engaging youthful drama!

Rating: 3/5 

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