Best Emotional Scenes in Tollywood

Emotional scenes are one of the truest forms of entertainment. One cannot conceive emotional scenes just like that. It has to touch our hearts. If the right emotion can work out well, then the audience will take the movie to another level and there is no doubt in that. We are blessed with many emotional scenes in Telugu Cinema and here we are presenting some of the best emotional scenes in Tollywood which will make us emotional to the core. Have a look at them.

  • Arjun Reddy Climax Scene

Arjun Reddy is one of the recent game-changing moments in Telugu Cinema. It has achieved cult status for many reasons. One of the main reasons for the movie to work out very well is definitely the true emotions the film carries throughout. Especially the climax scene is one of the best things that you will watch. The film goes through the pain of the hero and everyone sympathizes with him. But no one cares about the pain the heroine goes through. The director has made sure he has grabbed the entire essence of the heroine’s character in the climax. The way she explains the struggle she goes through is definitely heartwarming. It completes Arjun Reddy.

  • Janatha Garage Break Up Scene:

Probably one of the best break-up scenes in recent times in Telugu Cinema and probably the most mature break-up we have ever seen. NTR gets struck in a crunch situation between choosing his path of serving the needy or his love. The way he confesses that Janatha Garage is more important to him without hurting Samantha is the thing to watch out for. Samantha has excelled in the scene as well. The way she explains how she is crazy about NTR since childhood will make our eyes teary. Devi Sri Prasad’s background score is worth mentioning in this scene. Credit goes to Koratala Siva for conceiving such a beautiful emotional scene with neat and heart-touching dialogues.

  • Tholi Prema Climax Scene

Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s one of the biggest blockbusters, Tholi Prema is one of the best emotional entertainers in his career. The film directed by Karunakaran has been conceived very well. Balu’s character is evergreen and the way the heroine calls with this name is so adorable. Tholi Prema’s climax is one of the best emotional sequences in Telugu Cinema. Tholi Prema is the true meaning of pure love. Watch the movie for the blissful experience with a little tinge of emotional experience.

  • Malli Malli Idi Rani Roju Emotional Scene

Do you know the meaning of true love? Malli Malli Idi Rani Roju explains the essence of true love in the movie very well. Kranthi Madhav is the director of the film and he has beautifully conceived the love episodes. Especially Sharwanand and Nithya Menon’s performance is much talked about. They are excellent in their respective roles. But the real beauty of the movie lives in its dialogues. Sai Madhav Burra has written one of the most impactful and heart-touching dialogues. This film has given one of the best writers for the Telugu Film Industry. Coming to the climax sequence, there is love and misunderstanding for both Sharwanand and Nithya Menon. Situations made them part their ways. Malli Malli Idi Rani Roju Movie climax touches your heart. There is a good feel in this movie. Watch it if you haven’t.

  • Ninnu Kori Climax Scene

Natural Star Nani is at his best in the movie. Ninnu Kori is the best emotional movie in the career of Nani. Shiva Nirwana is the director of the movie. Ninnu Kori explains that there is a beautiful life out there even though you have lost the love of your life. Nani in this movie, who plays the role Uma, fails in love as his lover, Nivetha Thomas marries the other guy. He lives with them for a few days but realizes their true love towards each other. Nani delivers outstanding performance towards the climax. The way he walks towards the outside of the house is just excellent. This scene is a testament to why we call Nani, a Natural Star. Fabulous.

  • Matru Devo Bhava

Could a movie be more emotional than Matru Devo Bhava? This surely is a debatable topic but the emotions in the movie run at the highest level. Even the stone-hearted will melt by watching the movie and tears will roll down. A mother who knows that she is living her last few days decides to adopt her children to different families. The scene where the Mother played by Madhavi breathes her last and the four children mourn over her death is just heartbreaking. One cannot help but get emotional to the scene.

  • Ammo! Okato Tareekhu Court Scene

Middle-class family woes are best narrated in this movie. LB Sriram as a struggling middle-class man is full of responsibilities. The movie’s climax is the heart of the movie. The dialogues, LB Sriram’s confession is a beauty. It is not that emotional thing where you cry after watching the movie, but Ammo! Okato Tareekhu is a relatable thing to every middle-class family, even today. It is one of the heavy-hearted films. Watch it for sure.

  • Khadgam – Sonali Bendre Death Scene

What is it to lose your loved ones? Srikanth in Khadgam is exceptional. He is too good as a serious special officer who deals with the terrorists. He loses his love Sonali Bendre in a terrorist operation. The scene was beautifully conceived by Krishna Vamsi. The scene in which Srikanth runs to save Sonali desperately when she was breathing her last in his hands is too emotional.

  • 1 Nenokkadine Climax Scene

Mahesh Babu in 1 Nenokkadine fights with himself and the others in believing a truth. He has his parents and his childhood is so awesome. Though the movie is a failure, 1 Nenokkadine is such a good film in Mahesh’s career where his emotions are on the spot. The climax in the movie where Mahesh is in search of his house through a rhyme is exceptionally designed by a genius director like Sukumar.

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