We tend to look at love as a necessary and compulsory feeling that we should go through at a certain age and time. While there are others who find time to pursue it, some just get lucky. So, those doesn’t have the courage to pursue or know the right time to step forward, what about them? Do they have to end up singles? Won’t they be desperate to experience “love”? Well, in a times when showing off a girl has your conquest and having a girl friend as a compulsion, can you really find love???

Plot : Chandu (Vishwak Sen) is a shy and slow young man who lacks any confidence about his career and looks. He knows that he has some talent but doesn’t look deeply pursue any progress from the job he has. He is desperate to have a girl friend and at the casual get togethers his friends have every week, he is upset that his opposite seat is empty while his friends are able to spend time with their girl friends who sit opposite to them. So, he tries to find his girl friend in Shruthi ( Supraja) and Shwetha (Nitya Sree). While Shruthi wants him to be her friend, Shwetha shows interest in him romantically but then at the moment of test leaves him high and dry. What happens next? Why did Shwetha really leave him, forms the rest of the story..

Performances : Vishwak Sen shows some promise in his performance but the writing doesn’t really allow him to grow beyond a line. We really don’t root for his character, Chandu to find a girl in his life as we are constantly left with no explanation whatsoever why it is important for him to show off a girl friend. We are just said to take it as it is and the actor fails to add any layers to the written words with his performance.

Supriya is good in the scenes she is given. In bits and pieces she manages to show the simple expressions well on her face. Nitya Sree gets the best written character in the space and she does give her best to the role. All others have their task cut out and just represent the director’s world well enough.

Technicalities : The main difference between making a short film and a good feature length film is that the things need to liven up more for you to sit for the longer periods and appreciate the flow. Even though it seems the director has attempted more slice of life making in style and narration, his writing lacks the emotional depth that makes the characters.

Yakub Ali Mohammed, even though has a strong aptitude to present a scene in the best possible way, he lacks the depth in giving the layers to the characters. It is not like every person in the theatre or who is watching is happy with watching something that’s going on in daily life. Even that is what you want them to see, you have make those extra little adjustments to bring in more character depth to the proceedings.

His writing skills are far better for Shwetha but even their after a point he fizzles out in giving another layer to the character. It is the lively conversations even though the characters are not that lively that makes a film more interesting. When there is a life in what you see, then you really want to continue to feel more of it and enjoy it even better. But when the actors and the writers lack such depth everything remains at a surface level and that is the major problem of this Vellipomakey.

The actors doesn’t really liven up the proceedings and everything looks uni-dimensional. Even though the actors have some meat to chew up, the writer and director has some talent they really don’t shine like they should as the life is missing from the writing and execution. Even the music by Prashanth just goes by without hurting your ears and we should thank him for that. Rather than emotionally elevating the scenes it just rums in it’s own sense and since it is traditional, few might up end up liking it.

Analysis : The movie is more about a self-derogatory relationship of love that youth crave for these days. Majority of them want to have a girl friend, try to say to the world that they are being loved but they lack to understand what really love is. It is more personal than asking a person for a date, it is more personal than asking a girl to come for casual meets with friends and it is more personal than just making an effort to give gifts and even sex. Love is an emotion that you need to feel and live through. Director tries to make this point but as he just deals it with an young man at the surface level it remains a good Youtube or a TV movie than a feature film.

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