Middle Class Abbayi

Any middle class household does think about spending money twice as they want to be ready for a tomorrow that is not as financially health as today. They discuss 10 times before trying to go a movie on the weekend and when you are taking that very setting and make a movie that represents them, will they come to watch the movie? We have to wait and see, if they do for this Middle Class Abbayi aka MCA.

Even though he titles himself as a middle class person, does he have aspirations to grow beyond that? There is a problem though the setting is not new to Telugu Cinema and you need to be highly creative to use it in a new film today. Did they fulfil that condition?

Plot : Nani (Nani) and Rajeev are two brothers whose parents have died early. Their uncle (Naresh) and aunt (Amani) treat them as their own kids. Rajeev gets a government job and he finds Jyothi (Bhoomika Chawla) another Government employee as a suitable partner. After marriage, Nani is asked to shift with his uncle and aunt. He takes this as first sign of rivalry and hates his Sister-in-law.

After four years, Jyothi is transferred to Warangal and Rajeev asks Nani to accompany her as he needs to go to Delhi for training. Nani even though doesn’t like her respects her. On the day, he wants to visit his uncle and aunty in Hyderabad, he meets Pallavi (Sai Pallavi) and decides to stay back. Jyothi interferes in this relationship too and Nani decides to cut his ties with her. But he charges his mind and decides to fight with local goon, Shiva (Vijay Verma) for Jyothi. What changed him? How will be save her from him? Watch the movie to know the answers …

Performances : First things first, Nani is a likeable actor with good screen presence. But he needs to think more about his script selection. Even though he is getting successes, there is a criticism that he is selecting old subjects and that could affect him. This time he doesn’t save the film and the old story and narration suffocates the movie further. His performance feels repeated with similar jokes that suit his body language.

Sai Pallavi doesn’t suit for routine films and she is way more talented to just be wasted in songs and few scenes. Bhoomika Chawla comes back but she just doesn’t have the screen presence to pull off an aged character. It looks like an young women is forced to act in a character that doesn’t really suit her.

Vijay Varma is wasted in an antagonist role that doesn’t suit his talent or give him enough meat to perform. Rest of the cast is used as screen fillers and nothing much.

Technicalities : Sameer Reddy doesn’t really try much with his camera and we have to discount him for having a setting that doesn’t really allow much innovation too. His work needed to help the movie more but he just couldn’t go beyond the script with his visuals.

Devi Sri Prasad’s music is too routine and the music director seems to be doing too many albums than he can handle, because the score and songs are completely routine. He seems to have just scored something because he couldn’t say No.

Prawin Pudi’s cut for the movie is highly disoriented. He tried to build up something with his edits but they don’t really come up well on screen. That is a big issue in the second hour as the screenplay gets predictable.

Writer and director, Venu Sriram made a lazy attempt at creating a good story and screenplay for his film. He tried hard to make a film that works commercially but that did not add any depth to the film at all. After a long time, he did found a good production house and cast, but he happens to be highly distracted in his approach here. Rather than concentrating on improving on his available script he just tries to present it stylishly. That doesn’t really add up to the emotion as the old scenes doesn’t add up to the screenplay and completely ruin any good setup.

Analysis : When it comes to writing a cohesive script it is not easy to make an old setting work if you don’t innovate. Here the team of professionals that worked on MCA, tried hard to make a film that is watchable but not enjoyable. They needed to make it with much more care and keep it engaging through out. This movie just doesn’t work on any level except for few comedy scenes here and there. Highly forgettable effort.

Rating : 2/5

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