Co Co Kokila

Nayantara is selecting interesting scripts in Tamil ever since she became Lady Superstar at the box office. She came up with a black comedy this time, Kolamavu Kokila, which released as CoCo Kokila in Telugu. Let’s discuss how it is …

Plot : Kokila (Nayantara) a lower-middle-class family girl decides to quit her job because her manager misbehaves with her. She joins a massage parlor as a manager even though her father (RS Shivaji) very timidly opposes it.

Her mother (Saranya Ponvannan) is diagnosed with lung cancer and for her Kokila enters into drug peddling. To come out of this dangerous game safe, she needs to save her innocence at the same time cleverly escape from them. Watch the movie on screen to know how she did it.

Performances : Nayanatara was able to maintain her character throughout the film and her eyes that always make us believe she was scared and innocent in this character are highly appreciable. Her performance is the major highlight of the film.

Saranya Ponvannan is very good in this film in a role that impresses us the most after Nayantara. Yogi Babu with his comic timing is very good too.

Anbuthasan and RS Shivaji added great value to few comic scenes. All others suited their characters perfectly.

Technicalities : Nirmal’s editing for the movie is commendable and he delivered a neat cut that helped the movie to sustain interest while keeping a dry tone throughout. His timing in selecting shots is good too.

Sivakumar Vijayan’s visuals added the required depth and authenticity to the proceedings. We understand why everything is happening cinematically too, with the kind of lighting, camera work he did for the film.

Anirudh Ravichandran is back with a bang after a debacle like Agnyathavasi and we have to say, he is in his best of form for this movie. He gave the scenes required high and let the silences take over wherever they’re required.

Nelson Dilipkumar the writer and director of the film is very clever in setting up the premise of the film and following the characters. He maintained a neat pace and healthy dose of comedy throughout the film. He also delivered laugh out loud moments that will mesmerize us.

Analysis : Black Comedies are difficult to write as they maintain a dry environment with a sluggish pace at times. The real and authentic setting that writers adapt for this kind of films also kill some jokes if bad actors perform them. Nelson got the casting right and even managed to write an engaging screenplay. This is a must watch film for the lovers of comedy.

Rating : 3/5

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