Varun Doctor Movie Review and Rating!

Kollywood actor-director duo Sivakarthikeyan and Nelson Dilipkumar’s new movie, Doctor had a simultaneous release in Telugu as Varun Doctor. Let’s check how it is.

Story: Being a military doctor, Varun( Sivakarthikeyan) leads a pleasant life with his girlfriend Padmini (Priyanka Mohan). But due to a series of unfortunate incidents in their love life, they decide to break up. This is the time when Padmini’s younger sister Chinni will be kidnapped. The rest of the story deals with how Varun cracks the kidnap mystery and saves Chinni from the kidnappers.

Performances: Sivakarthikeyan is impressive with his screen presence and his body language in the Doctor role is an added advantage for the movie. He maximum tried to portray the character in a dignified manner and succeeded to an extent.

Heroine Priyanka Mohan is adorable but her screen time is limited in the movie. Comedian Yogi Babu is the show stealer as his comedy track with the hero comes a huge relaxation for the audience. The small girl, who played Priyanka’s sister role is cute.

Vinay Rai is alright as the baddie. Other artists who did the supporting roles are okay in their given roles.

Technicalities: Music by Anirudh Ravichander is fine. While two songs are good to listen to on the screen, his background score elevates a few crucial blocks in both halves.

The Telugu dubbing version dialogues are written in a decent manner and matches the scenes and lip-sync. Cinematography by Vijay Kartik Kannan is top class and gives a rich look to the film. His framing for a few key scenes in the second half elevates the mood nicely.

Editing work by R Nirmal is good as he tried to keep the film’s runtime within the limits without any unwanted scenes.

Production values for his kidnap drama are adequate.

Analysis: Director Nelson Dilipkumar, who impressed everyone with his way of narration in his debut film, Coco Kokila has tilted towards execution formula with Varun Doctor also.

The film has a water-thin storyline that revolves around the kidnapping mystery of a small girl. Director Nelson Dilipkumar has come up with a screenplay that has an equal mix of humour and investigation drama.

Though the fun and the kidnap mystery scenes in the first half of the film are handled nicely, the director has neglected the comedy texture in the second half of the film which may not go well with the audience, who expect more fun in the latter half after watching the first half.

As the second half has a serious drama related to the kidnap rocket, the film looks predictable at times. Yet another minus is that the emotional scenes in the second half look overdramatic and dilutes the audience mood.

To summerize, Varun Doctor is a screenplay based kidnap drama that has a decent first half but the proceedings in the latter half turn serious and run on a slow pace at regular intervals. But overall, Varun Doctor is an easy one time watch if you keep a check on your expectations.

Verdict: Passable kidnap drama!

Rating: 2.5/5

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