Vakeel Saab release plans excite fans

Power Star Pawan Kalyan is returning to the silver screen after four years. He has played the lead role in the film Vakeel Saab which is a remake of the Bollywood hit film Pink. Though the original is a non-commercial content-oriented film, Vakeel Saab makers made sure that Vakeel Saab will not miss out on commercial ingredients.

They have added songs and fights in the remake version. There is also a heroine for Pawan Kalyan in this movie. Vakeel Saab will be released on April 9th worldwide and the theatrical trailer will be revealed today. The trailer would be out today evening and selected theaters will screen the theatrical trailer in the Telugu States.

Also, the movie is going to have a massive release in the Telugu States and overseas as well with special screenings from early mornings. We can expect some big numbers.

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