Tollywood’s risky remake goes onto floors

Tollywood is not new to remakes, be it other languages remaking our films, or we remaking films from other languages. However, a one-of-a-kind remake is currently taking place in Tollywood, with Bellamkonda Srinivas remaking a Telugu film in Bollywood. Bellamkonda is collaborating with director VV Vinayak, for the second time after his debut film Alludu Sreenu, for the Hindi remake of the superhit Telugu film Chatrapati.

Chatrapati was directed by SS Rajamouli and featured Prabhas in the lead role. Chatrapati turned out to be the biggest hit for Prabhas in his career, back then and established him as an action hero in Tollywood. When the remake was announced, it was initially thought to be a hoax, but once it was confirmed, it turned out to be one of the riskiest remakes in the industry.

Chatrapati is still revered and loved by Prabhas’s fans, as one of his career-best films. Considering that, Bellamkonda and Vinayak will not be able to avoid comparisons, and given that Prabhas is huge in the North as well right now, thanks to his pan-Indian image, there is going to be a lot of parallels drawn between the original and the remake. The film has been officially launched today, and here’s hoping that it will turn out to be a success for everyone involved.

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