Tollywood’s interesting requests for Telangana government

The entire world got affected due to the coronavirus pandemic, with the financial situation of every sector being affected. The entertainment industry has been hit badly as well, and the situation of the Telugu Film Industry is also quite bad, especially that of daily wage workers and theatre owners.

Theatres were shut for nearly 6 months last year, and they have been shut since April this year, due to the second wave of the pandemic. Theatre owners have suffered severe losses as a result. While the Telangana government left it up to the industry, when it wants to re-open theatres, the industry is yet to take a call on the matter. In the meantime, the industry is said to be ready with several requests for the Telangana government.

The Telangana Film Chamber reportedly wants the Telangana government to scrap GO 75, and to let theatres collect parking fees, as it is a good source of revenue, and considering the way the theatre business has been affected, they are said to be intent on this. The Telangana Film Chamber is also said to be requesting the government to waive the electricity charges for all the theatres during the lockdown period, and even request the government to exclude the exhibition industry from GST and reduce property tax for the next two years so that it can recuperate from its losses in this period of time.

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