Tollywood on the path to correcting its mistake on ticket prices?

The Telugu film industry suffered a lot during the coronavirus pandemic, which essentially shut down the hardworking industry for several months together. Apart from mounting a huge financial burden on the producers, the pandemic shutdown resulted in the loss of livelihood to several daily wage workers.

Things began going back to normal eventually after the lockdown was lifted and theatres reopened. Just when things were getting back to the state of normalcy, the Andhra Pradesh government dropped a bomb in the form of reduced ticket prices. This resulted in an increase in ticket prices in the Telangana state. Everyone thought that things would settle down once the industry came to a settlement with the AP government. However, even after managing to convince the AP government to increase ticket prices in the AP state, ticket prices were not reduced in Telangana. In fact, ticket prices were now increased in Telangana and AP. Ticket prices began to be increased beyond the normal limit in Telangana, which resulted in reduced footfalls, which meant a disastrous verdict for bad films, and just about average collections for any other film.

With producers taking huge hits in the last couple of months due to huge ticket prices, producers now seem to be going back with respect to ticket prices, deciding to not insanely increase ticket prices. This might result in better days for producers and the overall experience of going to the cinema.

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