11 Tollywood Movies Which Make Us Cry

Cinema is a mix of different kinds of emotions. Amid all kinds of emotions, sentiment scenes will move us a lot. The tragedy is one thing which makes our heart very heavy. Tollywood had its share of best sentiment-based movies. We made a lit of these kinds of emotional stories that make us cry. Here goes the list.

List of Emotional Movies in Telugu

  • Matrudevo Bhava

1 Matrudevo Bhava Movie

This list has to be started with this movie. Definitely. There is no other way. Matrudevo Bhava has to be one of the best sentiment films made in India. The scene where the kids of Madhavi are adopted by different families will definitely make us cry. The climax of the film will melt our hearts. There might be no other song than “Raalipoye Puvva” which is the more emotional in Tollywood.


  • Amma Rajinama

2 Amma Rajinama Movie

What if mother decides to resign to her post. Probably it is one of the posts which is very less appreciated. In Amma Rajinama, Sharada who is a mother gets vexed up with her children and decides to give resignation. Later her children realize their mistake and apologize. Amma Rajinama is an emotional roller coaster ride. Sharada and Kaikala Satyanarayana took the film to another level with their emotional acting. Music is one of the major highlights in the movie. Amma Rajinama will make us emotional and leave us with an everlasting impression. It will definitely change the way we look at our Mother.


  • Rangasthalam

3 Rangasthalam Movie

Rangasthalam in short could be explained as a revenge drama. But the way Sukumar induced emotions took the movie to another level. Especially the role of Chitti Babu’s brother Kumar Babu will make our hearts very heavy. The emotional bonding between the brothers, the thread between Rangammathha and Chitti Babu will make anyone emotional. Especially the scene where Kumar Babu gets killed and the following song Orayyo will make sure that tears will roll down from our eyes. The emotional angle in the movie plays a major part in the film’s success.


  • Gamyam

4 Gamyam Movie

There are few characters in movies where they are extremely funny and active. Those roles will be comic relief in the story. But those roles can make us extremely emotional too. Gaali Seenu from Gamyam is the best example of the lot. Gaali Seenu’s character played by Allari Naresh is extremely funny and the way the character is designed is commendable too. The climax of the film is the heart. The scene where Gaali Seenu explains his childhood and the scene where he dies will definitely make the stone-hearted emotional too. The last scene where Sharwanand talks to Kamilini Mukherjee will be emotional too.


  • Vedam

5 Vedam Movie

Director Krish who debuted with Gamyam, as his second attempt made Vedam, more emotional than his debut. There are a few scenes in which we cry without even knowing. The hospital scene where Allu Arjun returns the stolen money to Ramulu and Allu Arjun watching Ramulu secretly stands out in the movie. It is one of the most emotional scenes conceived by the director. Also, the scene where Allu Arjun and Manchu Manoj decide to sacrifice their lives, the scene in which the world recognizes the sacrifice done by both of them is the most emotional scene in the movie. Audiences when the movie released walked out of the theaters with tears in their eyes.


  • Seetharamayya Gari Manavaralu

6 Seetharamayya Gari Manavaralu Movie

Truth is always hard to face. It is even harder to hide it. Seetharamayya Gari Manavaralu is all about a US return girl hiding the truth of her parent’s death from his grandfather Seetharamayya, who is very strict outside but has a soft heart inside. The scene where Seetharamayya comes to know about the truth of his son and his daughter-in-law’s death will be one of the most emotional scenes we ever witnessed. Meena and Akkineni Nageswara Rao excelled in their respective roles.


  • Chakram

7 Chakram Movie

Chakram can be termed as one of the best performances that came from Prabhas. Though the film didn’t get the required result, Chakram can be considered as one of the most emotional films in Tollywood. Prabhas in this movie suffers from blood cancer and he knows that he has very little time. Then Chakram decides to make people laugh. The scene where Prakash Raj comes to know about his son’s health condition will make our hearts so heavy.


  • Aa Naluguru

8 Aa Naluguru Movie

Is money everything? Can’t we be happy with what we have? Can’t we help others with what we have? Aa Naluguru is the best drama that is made on money vs humanity. Money is not everything but helping others is. The fact is so hard to digest and even harder to adopt. Aa Naluguru is a reality check on ourselves. The scene where Kota Srinivasa Rao speaks about the greatness of Rajendra Prasad is so heartwarming.


  • Ammo Okato Taarekhu

9 Ammo Okato Tareekhu Movie

Ammo Okato Taarekhu is a harsh take on our society where a whole family depends on a single earning person despite they can work hard. The story of a lower-middle-class person and his large family is an emotional take. The climax where LB Sriram bursts out in the court will make us think about our families.


  • Sneham Kosam

10 Sneham Kosam Movie

Two friends who cannot live without each other dies in the end because one of them is killed. There could be no emotional story on friendship than this. Chiranjeevi and Vijayakumar have done fantabulous jobs as the two thickest friends. The ending where Vijay Kumar dies because Chiranjeevi is no more will wrench our hearts.


  • Geethanjali

11 Geethanjali Movie

The story of the film upon hearing will make us emotional. Hero and heroine both suffer from a terminal illness and don’t know how much time they have left in this world. They fall in love with each other and what happens to their lives forms the rest of the story. The last 30 minutes of the movie is the heart of the film. The scene where Geethanjali comes to know about Prakash’s illness and the later scene where she confronts him will be one of the best emotional scenes.


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