Telangana theatres thrive while AP theatres suffer

The Telangana government continues to extend its support to Tollywood, by giving permission for 5 shows a day, and even agreeing to increase the prices of film tickets. The price for normal tickets in multiplexes has gone up to Rs. 295, while the price for recliner seats has gone up to Rs. 350. On the other hand, the Andhra Pradesh government continues to exercise its restrictions and limit on ticket prices.

Currently, the AP government has relaxed a few of its rules, allowing more than 100 theatres to function again, for a month, on the condition that they have their paperwork ready within the end of the month. Apart from that, the Ap government has handed over the responsibility of regulating ticket prices, and the online portal through which film tickets have to be bought, to the AP Film Development Corporation.

The APFDC will start its operations from January 7th, with the release of RRR, which has not been given any special permissions, despite being a huge film, and despite the makers asking for special permissions for the film. The government also made clear that no special permissions would be extended to any film hereon.

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