Telangana: New ticket prices for Sankranthi releases

It is already reported that the Telangana government has given permission to hike cinema ticket prices for multiplexes to Rs 295 and for single screens up to Rs 150 a couple of weeks back. Though the rates are in implementation from December 31st, the films which are running in the theatres are witnessing very nominal footfalls due to the excess prices.

Meanwhile, the latest news is that after witnessing the weak response from the audience, the distributors and exhibitors across Telangana have decided to slash ticket prices. As per the new decision, the maximum ticket price for single screens is going to be Rs 150 depending upon the locality and the ticket pricing for multiplexes will be up to Rs 200.

Reportedly, the prices will be the same for all the films that are slated to hit the screens during the Sankranthi season. Will the reduction in ticket prices help for the increase of footfalls across the state? Remains to be seen.

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