Srirastu Subhamastu

Allu Sirish and Lavanya Tripathi as the main lead, the movie “Srirasthu Subhamasthu” is released today. Amidst a huge buzz, the movie’s trailers and songs got a huge response and created an expectation among the people. Here is the review of Srirasthu Subhamasthu…

Story Line : Prakash Raj is the head of Sirish’s family which belongs to a rich stature. Sirish’s brother marries a middle-class girl and this creates a big amplitude in the lives of the family members. As if the disturbance was not enough, Sirish falls for a middle-class girl Anu (Lavanya Tripathi).

Prakash Raj who gets pissed off when Sirish reveals about this, asks him to back off from the relationship. Sirish challenges that he would earn a proper name without using the family’s name anywhere. Anu’s father (role played by Rao Ramesh) decides to marry her off with another guy. How Sirish wins both his love and the family is the rest of the story.

Roles and Performances : Allu Sirish as Sirish has given his best and that is quite obvious in the movie. His looks seem to have improved along with his performance. Lavanya Tripathi is one of the best reasons, a viewer enjoys the movie. She looks too cute and her role is characterized in the same way too.

Allu Sirish and Lavanya Tripathi make a wonderful on-screen couple. The chemistry in between them is lovely. Rao Ramesh, Prakash Raj and all the other actors perfectly justified the respective roles. Ali and Subba Raju’s track is just rib-ticklingly hilarious. Sumalatha’s role was not given a due significance.

Technical Aspects : The story of the movie has a same old formula which has been made in an entertaining manner. There is a blend of subtle comedy and sentiment, which is the beauty of the director’s taking. The dialogues are thed biggest assets of this movie Srirasthu Subhamasthu. Director Parasuram has penned the story well. The narration and the screenplay were in a good synchronization. The twist and intervel bang is good and appealing.

The production values are too good and give a rich appeal. SS Thaman’s music is a big plus for Srirasthu Subhamasthu. The editing and the camera work are really good. Even with the predictable story line, the movie is enjoyable. Credits to the entire team.

Overall Review : Srirasthu Subhamasthu is definitely a turning point for Allu Sirish. Even with the predictable story, the movie is really entertaining. Lavanya Tripathi and Sirish are a cute on-screen couple. With appropriate comedy and a right proportion of sentiment, the movie is definitely a watchable one.