Sarileru Neekevvaru

Sarileru Neekevvaru is one of the most awaited films this season of Sankranthi and has released in heavy competition. Read on to see how it turns out to be.

Story: Ajay played by Mahesh Babu is a military officer who comes to the aid of Bharati played by Vaijayashanti who is a professor in Kurnool. Things get ugly when a bad minister played by Prakash Raj takes on Bharati regarding a suspicious murder. Bharati is helpless but finds solace in the form of Ajay suddenly. Who is Ajay and why has he helped Bharati all of a sudden is the crux of Sarileru Neekevvaru.

Performance: Looks like Mahesh Babu has taken the complaints of his fans seriously as he is in his elements in Sarileru. He provides so many mass elements to his fans as his comedy timing, mass dialogues and especially dances are to die for. Mahesh takes the film on his shoulders throughout and it is because of him the film becomes hugely entertaining.

Rashmika is a surprise package and does so well in her over the top and loud well. She looks cute and also suits well along with Mahesh Babu. Vijayashanti is very good in her comeback. She has limited dialogues but her screen presence is very good.

Bandla Ganesh and his comedy did not work one bit. Rao Ramesh and Rajendra Prasad were just okay. But yesteryear heroine, Sangeetha is very good in her loud mother’s role. Hari Teja did not have much to do. Prakash Raj was routine in his role and there is nothing new about him.

Mahesh Babu
First Half

Second half

Analysis: So much was expected from director Anil Ravipudi as he got a chance to direct Mahesh so early in his career. But he made full use of it and showcased Mahesh in a never-before manner. He establishes the story in a very impressive manner and starts the story in a neat way.

He adds good fun with the help of a train episode and nicely makes the audience ready for what is in store for them in the second half. This is also the time, Vijayashanthi’s role is established through Prakash Raj’s villainism. The confrontation scenes between Prakash Raj and Mahesh are very good.

Looks like director Anil Ravipudi has kept only one thing in mind and that was to showcase Mahesh in a very mass avatar so that he will please his fans. In that way, he has done a good job and pleased Mahesh’s fans. But as a director, there is nothing novel that he has showcased as the second half goes for a toss and the climax is very weak. As it is coming in the crucial time of Sankranthi, things will work well but everything depends on the way Ala Vaikunthapuramlo fares.

Rating: 3/5

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