Sammathame Movie Review and Rating!

Starring Kiran Abbavaram and Chandini Chowdary as the lead pair, a romantic drama titled, Sammathame under the direction of Gopinath Reddy has hit the silver screens today. Let’s analyse it

Story: A guy from a small town named Krishna( Kiran Abbavaram) crosses paths with an independent girl Shanvi( Chandini Chowdary) in a arranged marriage alliance. Though Krishna likes Shanvi at the first look itself, he does not get convinced with the sad breakup story of her’s. But eventually, he gets close to Shanvi’s behaviour and starts liking her. After rejecting Shanvi at the first meeting, how will Krishna approach and expres his love towards Shanvi? The conversation and cat fights between the lead pair, forms the crucial crux of the film.

Performances: Kiran Abbavaram and Chandini Chowdary are adorable on screen as the lead pair. Both of them fitted in the given roles and acted nicely in their respective roles. While Kiran is good in his small town natured guy role, Chandini did her purposeful key quite effectively.

Artists like Ramana, Appaji, Annapurna who did supporting roles are decent in their respective roles. Sapthagiri and a few other noted artists are okay in their supporting roles.

The chemistry between them is a major for the film. Both of them gave decent performance in a couple of emotional scenes between in the second half.

Technicalities: Music by Sekhar Chandra is one of the plus points for the movie. While all the songs are situational and passable on screen, his background score elevates the mood of the film nicely.

The photography work by Sateesh Reddy is good. On the other hand, editing work by Viplav is fine as he kept the runtime within the limits.

Production values for this tight budget movie are good.

Analysis: Director Gopinath Reddy’s core concept of making a rom-com entertainer incorporating youthful elements in it good. The way his designed the lead characters is also nice but his execution lacks a proper flow. After showcased the conflict point in the relationship in a decent manner in the first half, the second half proceedings fall flat with unwanted episodes which can be termed as major minus for the film.

To summerize, Sammathame is a typical boy-meets-girl kind of romantic tale that has a few fresh moments in the first half but the narrative in the second half with uneven proceedings come as the demerit for the film.

Verdict: Complicated romance!

Rating: 2/5