Run Movie Review

Have you seen Hyderabad Nawabs? A dark comedy that seems like the first Golmaal franchise movie. It is a must watch for you even if your not from Hyderabad. Movie was accepted by youth of Hyderabad and it ran for 200 days in Old City areas of the city. Director of that film, Lakshmikanth Chenna decided to make his latest one for OTT platform release.

Analysis: Unfortunately, movie doesn’t have the same flare as the old classic movie. After establishing the premise well enough, Lakshmi kanth loses grip on the narrative one scene after another in an expert manner. One can understand that the team might have wanted to complete the movie before pandemic hits the sets and rushed few portions but entire film looks really incomplete and is riddled with plot holes. It randomly jumps from one scene to another at some point that you want to ask the director to just relax himself and not just go for twist for the sake of twist. In the name of adrenaline rush inducing screenplay, the movie falls flat after first half an hour.

Performances: Navdeep scores a lot in this movie with his committed performance. He is believable enough as the husband who is on run and we can sympathise with him. He performed very honestly for the character.

Venkat is good in his character. He has no rust in acting as he came back to screen after a long hiatus. Poojitha Ponnada is beautiful. Rest all tried to sell the film but failed as the performances go over the top.

Plot: Movie is all about how an husband Sandeep (Navdeep) is accused of murdering his wife, Shruthi (Poojitha Ponnada). They don’t seem to have any quarrels or problems going on in their one year old marriage. She decides to suddenly kill herself one day and police believe it is murder and they frame Sandeep for it. Who is the actual killer?

Technicalities: Naresh Kumaran gave good bgm to keep us interested in the proceeds but the scenes are not engaging enough. Sajish Rajendran’s camera work is good in parts too.

But the script by the writers and the director fails to live up to the promise it gives in first 10-15 minutes. It just feels like a slag after the initial meat is over.

Bottom line: If you find the review not in proper order that is how the film is too!

Rating: 2/5

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