Master holding well after Sankranthi holidays

Ilaiyathalapathy Vijay will be very proud. Not only that he has scored yet another super hit but also that his market in the Telugu states is finally flourishing. It took more than 9 years for him to establish a steady market in the Telugu states. His last film Bigil has done well in the Telugu States and now the latest movie Master has been exceptional as well.

Master needed 8.5 Cr for the breakeven mark in the Telugu States. The film which got released amid huge competition from direct Telugu releases has withstood it and was into profits. Master has reached breakeven by the weekend and has been receiving profits as well. It has collected till now a share of 12.49 Cr which means the profits touch a massive 4 Cr.

Nizam 3.24 cr
Ceeded 2.37 cr
Uttarandhra 2.02 cr
East 1.06 cr
West 1.08 cr
Krishna 0.96 cr
Guntur 1.15 cr
Nellore 0.57 cr
Total 12.49 cr

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