Krishna and His Leela Movie Review

Plot: Krishna (Siddhu Jonnalagadda) falls in love with Satya (Shradda Srinath), senior in his college, during their college days. They break up as Satya gets a job in Bangalore. In a way, she pushes him out of her life due to his immaturity. Then, Krishna meets Radha (Shalini), his junior and they both fall in love. When he gets a job in Bangalore, he convinces Radha for a long-distance relationship and joins his sister, who is living there with Ruksaar (Simrat Kaur). Now, Ruksaar becomes Krishna’s life coach and their relationship doesn’t become romantic. In the meantime, he meets Satya again. Where will the story go next? Watch the film, if you’re hooked.

Performances: Shraddha Srinath gives the underwritten role some sense. She is a mystery for Krishna and people too. For the story’s sake, she remains single and for the story’s sake, she acts immature and mature. Still, Shraddha manages to keep her real.

Simrat Kaur doesn’t have much to do. Shalini is good in parts but she doesn’t deliver a performance that keeps her character real. Even though script tries to emphasize with her, she doesn’t allow her character seem empathetic at any sense.

Siddhu Jonnalagadda decided to write a story based on mythology, one feels so. But he admitted in the film itself, that he used those names to draw the attention. He did not try to catch the characteristics of Krishna or any of the names he used in this flick. While he tried his best as a performer, he couldn’t really convince us that he was attracted to these women. His eyes carried a detachment and that might have been apt for adapting Krishna’s character but here it seems like his natural feature. As his eyes meant something and dialogue meant a different feel. Anyways, as a performer, he needs much more improvement.

Technicalities: SriCharan Pakala’s background score is apt for the film. Cinematography and editing could have been way better. While there is pacing, the story doesn’t get any value due to it.

As writers, Siddhu and Ravikant seems to have tried using the major mythological names to sound cool than really trying to adapt that sense into today’s stories. Love and lust have two different meanings and this story tries to touch that aspect but doesn’t come up with a sequence or two to show how mad the love is for all the characters involved.

If the character motivation isn’t said or shown, the character doesn’t really register. That is why, when you watch some films, visuals look cool but we miss something in them. That is the emotional connection. This film lacks in that department, immensely.

Analysis: Movie feels like a good rom-com or a story that tries to explore Prema Desam point in a new way. Here circumstances don’t force a person or situations don’t really play with the characters. It just seems too easy to fall in love or too easy to fall out of it. Even in today’s times, love isn’t that simple. Had the writers touched on such points, movie could have been much much better. Overall, you can skip all the middle portion and see starting 10 minutes and ending 10 minutes, you don’t feel like you missed a thing!

Bottom Line: Starts well and looses steam within no time

Rating: 3/5

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