Jyo Acyuthananda

Story : Set in Hyderabad in the early 2010s, this is a tale of love, perfidy and brotherhood. Koteswara Rao raises his two sons in the middle of city, where they grow up away from the society and has learnt to contemn. The duo has unbreakable bound, until Jyosthna (Regin Cassandra) enters their lives. Soon both the brothers (Naga Shaurya and Nara Rohith) find themselves in love with the tenant and things get worse when both discover a growing passion between them. The enviously and suspicion threatens to tear apart their once perdurable bond.

Roles and Performances : On the cast, Nara Rohith and Nara Shourya came up with solid performances that will easily put the rest of them under the shade. Its almost Nara Rohith’s second best performance post Rowdy fellow, a tremendously capable performer who has been terrible underused actor. Naga Shourya is impressively super cool, especially in the final emotional scene in the railway station. Regina Cassandra who holds the film together with her characterization and natural style. Seeta, Tanikella Bharini, Shashank have nothing much to do in their limited performances. Pavani Gangireddy and Rajeswari can be found acting a little with conviction.

Technical Aspects : Storyline of Jyo Acyuthananda is wafer thin. The first few minutes of Jyo Achyuthananda had me all engrossed. All perked up, I sat up telling myself that this one gonna be worth a watch for sure. Thirty minutes into the film, I had slumped onto my seat, learning the lesion the hard way, that not all jobs well begun are really half done. The directorial delicacy that one witnesses as the film starts, wears off in no time, with a script that goes all wonky. In no time, “Jyo Acyuthananda” turns out to be one of those films that tries to be a moral family drama.
Songs by Kalyani Mallik aka. Kalyan Koduri aka. Kalyan Ramana are not completely in sync with this romantic drama. “Jyo Achyuthananda” title track and “Aahaha Bagunadi” are good ones from the lot. Background Score of the film are alright. Cinematography by Venkat C Dilip is all right. Editing by Kiran Ganti could have been crispier and should have worked a bit on the second half conflict point. Production Values of Varahi Productions are appropriate.

Verdict : In all just choosing an conventional theme representing the state of brotherly relationships, you need to put a great amount of sensitivity, humour and emotional connect in the film in order to reach the target audience. And Jyo Achyuthanada is not able to create the much needed connect with its viewers, relying more on performances, music and cinematography. On whole, Jyo Achyutananda is a letdown considering the expectations it had raised before its release.

Rating : 2.5/5

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