Increasing budgets: A burden for the audience

The cost of everything has increased, thanks to the crisis brought on by the pandemic, and the general changing nature of the market. During times like this, everyone tends to get more wary of how and where they spend their money on, as it doesn’t come free for anybody. The same could be said about films as well, as the budgets of films seem to be going beyond the necessary limit.

Huge budgets are ending up costing too much for the audience, as ticket prices are being increased beyond the permissible limit, so much so that the audience is not finding it necessary to go to the theatre and watch a film, due to the huge ticket prices. Actors are being such inflated amounts of remuneration, that most of the budget is being directed towards these paycheques.

While what an actor is paid is an agreement between the producers and the actor, this shouldn’t affect the audience, who want to walk into the theatre for a good time, and for some entertainment. Entertainment shouldn’t be a burden to the audience due to increasing budgets.

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