Gypsy Movie Review

Jiiva became one of the recognisable heroes from Tamil in Telugu states as well due to the hit film, Rangam. He tried to establish a good market post the success of the film but he lost much of it due to the failures of his movies. Now, his latest movie Gypsy got released on AHA and Zee5. Lets look at how the movie is …

On a side note, if the movie makers won’t try enough to give some publicity to the releases, it will get hard for people to find them and review as well. Some sort of publicity should be given to these films for people to take them seriously!


Gypsy (Jiiva) falls in love with Waheeda (Natasha Singh). Gypsy adapts a Hippi lifestyle and Waheeda is from orthodox muslim family. Gypsy’s parents were killed when he was young and before dying his foster father, tells him to find a companion for life to have better meaning.

Waheeda likes Gypsy’s lifestyle and they both get married. As she becomes pregnant, they decide to settle down but communal riots break in their area and Waheeda goes into a shock looking at a person coming to kill her. She and Gypsy get separated post that incident. What happens next? Watch the movie to know ..


Jiiva tried hard to sell the story and himself as a hippi. But he is more suited to characters that are slightly urban and metro-centric. He couldn’t convince that he is actually cool with the hippi lifestyle.

Natasha Singh and others are just given roles that they cannot handle. The writing and direction were also too melodramatic for a film that tries to be more hip and young.


Cinematography is that great but it is okay. The quality of the film doesn’t look like a film that should have been made in 2020 but may be the producers lost hope in the middle of the production.

Music by Santosh Narayanan is not upto the standards we associate with him and other departments also did not lend their hand to the director in making the movie more suitable to audiences viewing.

Movie writing is too lethargic and we feel like the first thoughts that came to mind of the writers have been used to make the film that think about the real value they offer to the story. The characters don’t seem to have any kind of relativity factor at all. Raju Murugan has good intentions but failed to tell them effectively on screen.


Bombay by Mani Ratnam talked about the communal riots 25 years ago and still, India did not move on from being a country that occasionally has these hostile riots that are triggered by political parties. At ground level people like peace and harmony but intolerance seems to be growing in public. Anyways, to point out such a thing is great but a film shouldn’t be made just to point it out. Raju Murugan did not make a coherent film that can give a social message and also be a must watch for its contents.

Bottom line: Skip it.

Rating: 1.5/5

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