Disney Hotstar vs Netflix vs Amazon Prime, A Quick Comparison

When we talk about staying at home and working during this lockdown period and when we have no other alternative source of entertainment, except for OTT platforms and some regular TV, we start comparing the available sources to choose the best as we have to pay for their services over a period of time.

Amazon prime screenshot

How long will we have to resort to watching content on laptops or cast them on TVs or on our mobiles? It depends on the restriction of the COVID-19 outbreak successfully and for now, till 3rd May, we are asked to stay at home by our Prime Minister and Government, hence we do so.

Hotstar vs Netflix vs Amazon Prime?

So, what are the most popular streaming services or OTT platforms we have at our disposal? The most common names we hear are Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Disney Hotstar. Hotstar provides a broader amount of content including live sports events but it’s streaming quality is not the best in the business. But at the same time.

The best in the business, Netflix has expensive packages except for mobile users. Thankfully, it doesn’t have restrictions for their content availability once you pay for the package to select. On the other hand, Amazon Prime has a more Indian approach than even Disney Hotstar as it gives a broad spectrum of content but doesn’t confuse you with VIP or Premium packages.

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It has all access to its content for a fixed price along with prime music and amazon delivery services. Wow, the decision seems to be a hard choice as it is not just monetary commitment. We want to have the best streaming quality service with great content but at affordable prices.

We don’t want to overspend and then regret especially in these economically torrid times. Also, you need great content to feel the amount spent is worthy of your time and not just some cheap time-pass that can be achieved with content available on YouTube too.

Why are they so Popular?

Before comparing them, we should discuss why they are special and most popular too when they are so many OTT services available in India. A total of 25 to 28 are available currently in India in different languages but only these 3 get the top bracket.

The major difference from other services to these three is the diversified content they provide and also, the quality of the content, they provide as well. When it comes to IPL viewing, if someone from your family has blocked TV, you can watch IPL or any sports event that Star TV Network is telecasting on Disney Hotstar.

The only problem is that if you’re not a Premium subscriber, the OTT platform streams Live matches with 5 minutes delay. Some others like Sony Liv ask for a subscription for every over and delay streaming as well.

Netflix screenshot

At the same time, if you’re a soap opera fan, you get to watch serials before they are telecast provided, you’re a premium subscriber of the service. You can repeat the episodes as much as you can too. With Netflix and Amazon Prime, you can watch the latest movies and International movies at your leisure.

Hotstar is not well-known for web-exclusive shows but globally, Prime and Netflix have subscribers just on the strength of their content. And Prime has deep pockets to hijack most of the new releases in regional languages in India, as well.

Now, Let’s Compare These:

Features Disney HotStar Netflix Amazon Prime
Subscription fees Premium package – Disney + Hotstarcontent – Rs. 1499/- per year, Rs. 299/- per month

Disney VIP –Rs. 399/- per year

Premium – Rs. 799/- per month

Standard – Rs. 649/- per month

Basic – Rs. 499/- per month

Mobile – Rs. 199/- per month

Rs. 129/- per month.

Rs 999/- per year.

50% off for 18-24 years of age young adults with photo identification.

No: of screens allowed simultaneously 1 – Free,

1 – VIP,

2 – Premium


1 – Mobile

1 – Basic

2 – Standard

4 – Premium

No specific restrictions. Amazon Firestick is more preferred for TV viewing.
Most suitable for Daily Star TV shows from around the globe. Live News streaming in different languages. Sports live shows and a few popular English TV shows.

Movies that Disney owns rights.

HOOQ content that involves HBO shows, movies. Regional content, movies owned by Star TV Network.

Web-series that Netflix produces.


English & Global Films.


Regional Films for Indian audiences

Regional Movies, since it posses a great Library.


Shows like The Family Man, Panchayat, Comicstaan.

Streaming quality WEAK.

480p only for Free

720p for VIP

1080p, HD for Premium

BEST in the business.

Mobile – No HD, Ultra HD

Basic –  No HD, Ultra HD

Standard – HD available

Premium – HD, Ultra HD available

Mostly GOOD.

HD was available for HDTV on Amazon Firestick.

Streaming quality is restricted to 480p on mobile devices and other platforms due to Lockdown in India. Otherwisedepends on Wi-fi, network signal strength.

Child lock availability Yes Yes Yes
Most popular for Live Sports events like IPL, TV shows. Their exclusive web content is most promoted but doesn’t encourage the same social media response as others. Home for shows like Orange is New Black, The Witcher, Ozark, Stranger Things, Money Heist, etc.

Indian shows and Films are actively being updated but mostly suited for International content.

Panchayat show became a huge success like Breathe, Afsos, Mirzapur, The Family Man. Comicstaan – stand up comedy show has a good popularity.

But most popular for active buying of regional movies, when it comes to Telugu content.

Return on Investment For Premium – 90% , VIP – 60 – 75%. As only dubbed films are allowed to stream for VIP customers.

Verdict: Affordable but good for TV Content only.

Mobile – 100% (as no limit on content accessibility)

Basic – 100% (mainly for users on the laptop)

Standard –60%

Premium – 50%

Verdict: Except for Mobile package,  Expensive.

*Mobile plan users can’t project the content on TV and access the content on laptops.


Verdict: Highly Affordable.

Content rating from the compilation of reviews Most web exclusive shows get 2.5/5 on this platform. Content is the KING. Mixed Bag.


We hope, we have made your choice easy after reading our article. We keep providing you much such interesting content, so stay tuned to this space.