Coronavirus and the chain reaction that is affecting cinema

The film industries of India were going through a one of a kind renaissance before the onset of the coronavirus pandemic in the country, and in the world. A new phase had begun, with films not being limited to a single region anymore, and the Indian audience welcoming films from various languages with open arms, thanks to the universal subjects that were being produced.

However, the coronavirus pandemic put the industries of the country in a huge fix, with the future uncertain, and films piling up. While OTT platforms have become a major safe space for many filmmakers, they are still not a safe option for those films which are made with massive budgets, on a pan-Indian scale. Films like these involve manpower on a large scale and need a wide audience.

Wide-scale audiences are currently a huge question mark, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. As a result, the chain reaction of audiences not being able to go to theatres is still continuing. Audiences in the South were open to going to theatres after the first wave, especially the audience of the Telugu states, but the same cannot be said of even them after the 2nd wave. Thus, it is now to be seen what more side effects the coronavirus pandemic will have on the cinema watching experience.

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