Can Audiences show bias?

Audience are a group of people, who attend events, watch films and most of the times they have to buy tickets to such shows, events. So, can they show bias towards a person or a community? Recently, Telangana Filmmakers started asking for Government subsidy and their main reason for asking a subsidy is that their films are being ignored in Andhra Pradesh state by Andhra people and they are showing bias.

With the subsidy, they will be able to bring down their costs and can recover money only from Telangana region, it seems. Well, more than 80% of the films fail to recover VPF costs and we are talking about bias towards a region or a state, here. So, all those 80% producers should come out and say that whatever their films fail, there audiences have shown bias? In Telangana state, many films produced by Andhra people fail to collect even theater rents. So, should we say Telangana people are ignoring Andhra films?

The problem is content and not the region. Bhanumathi, a pakka Telangana girl character from Fidaa, was loved by Andhra people more than Telangana state. Sekhar Kammula, a pakka Telangana filmmaker, is adored by Andhra people too. His Godavari film is favorite of many and his Leader is said to be a classic. The point is content doesn’t vary but dialect varies and emotions don’t vary but the way people express vary. If people started showing bias, no dubbing films should become hits and Suriya or Vijay or Vikram or Rajnikanth or Kamal Hassan or Ajith shouldn’t have fans here.

Why would comedians with pakka Telangana dialect have fans in other states, if there is a bias? It is better to concentrate on our content than spreading such hatred!

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