Bhanumathi & Ramakrishna Movie Review

Bhanumathi Ramakrishna is one of the few names that Telugu Film Industry can never forget. It belongs to an actress who defined daring on-screen beauty image in TFI. She was so feared that even big stars used to respect her and if she was on sets, she used to command first respect than any other. But she was a fun person too. Well, this film is not about her but Bhanumathi and Ramakrishna characters designed by director, Srikanth. The movie is available on AHA and let’s discuss what it is all about.

Story: Bhanumathi (Salony Luthra) is in love with Ram (Raja Chembolu) but he falls out of it. He breaks up with her and it starte effecting her daily routine. She stops hitting gym and we can see the result in her body weight. She meets Ramakrishna (Naveen Chandra), from Tenali, as he joins her office as her assistant. He starts to like her and she too likes him. But she resists and he thinks he doesn’t suit her. So, he tries to patch things between Ram and her. What happens next? Watch the movie to know more.

Performances: Salony Luthra is very good as Bhanumathi and she is highly identifiable as a career oriented person as well. She carries off the role without much pretention and that is rare to see in films, these days. For a first film in another language, she confidently faces the challenge.

Naveen Chandra starts off in the film, looking slightly like a caricature but as we go into the film, he develops all the traits that he showed in the first frame into his character. He is a good performer and he puts his heart into the film. All others are good too.

Technicalities: Movie decides to use the software hip language with a mix of English and Hindi. It is not hard to see that mix happening in corporate offices these days and that makes the film stand-out in the rest. But the uniqueness in scenes dilutes with conversations trying to stay clear from the any deep words. Even the old characters seem to behave like the main leads, while talking and that at times make the film, slightly monotonic. Had the writer and director, Srikanth Nagothi concentrated on this aspect in the film, movie might have turned out be much more lively.

Music by Shravan Bharadwaj mixes with the tone of the film perfectly. His music doesn’t stand-out and that can be remarked as his perfect blend into the script. He should be given more opportunities in Cinema. Cinematography by Sai Prakash is simple and apt for the story.

Analysis: Movie doesn’t really try to project itself as the ground-breaking romance. It keeps everything simple and tries to delve into the lives of the characters, that we normally encounter in our day to day life. We don’t find their lives too interesting but they might be going through things that we might want to heed our ear to. If you take this as the parameter for the film, it lands it perfectly. But misses adding a flavour of liveliness at times as the dullness in interactions of the characters dominates the screenplay, at times. Still Srikanth, with the help of performances by the leads keeps the things interesting and it feels like a right OTT movie. Watch it for Naveen Chandra and Salony.

Bottom line: Watchable Rom-Com.

Rating: 2.5/5

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