Best Telugu Movies on Hotstar to Watch

Among all the OTT platforms, Hotstar is the most loved platform among the audience. The fanbase for Hotstar is huge as it is affiliated with Star Network and recently with Disney. Being such a huge OTT provider, there are various numbers movies and shows that will make you confused about what to choose. If you are looking for the best Telugu movies to watch online then here is a list of all the Telugu films you can watch on Hotstar.

Best Telugu Movies on Hotstar to Watch Right now

  • Malli Malli Idi Rani Roju (2015)

1. Malli Malli Idi Rani Roju

Malli Malli Idi Rani Roju is a romance drama film that is based on a love story between Raja Ram and Nazeera. Raja Ram, who is an aspiring athlete, meets a Muslim girl named Nazeera. They both fall in love with each other but some events that occur resulted in separating them. The cute story and the amazing performances of the lead actors made it one of the best Telugu movies on Hotstar.

  • Maryadha Ramanna (2010)

2. Maryadha Ramanna

Maryadha Ramanna is directed by S S Rajamouli who cast a star comedian as the lead hero in a film. This is an entertaining film that includes a unique story. Ramu, who seems to be an unlucky guy living in Hyderabad suddenly finds out that he has 5 acres of land in Rayalaseema. When he goes to the village, an unexpected event takes place that puts his life in danger. The movie is all about how he escapes this problem.

  • Kanche (2015)

3. Kanche

Kanche is one of those Tollywood movies which have changed the audience’s perspectives about movie-making. The movie is set at the time of World War 2. In this film, Hari Babu falls in love with a rich princess of the upper caste named Sita Devi. Their love story seems to encounter a hurdle when Sita Devi’s brother opposes their relationship.

  • Khaidi No. 150 (2017)

4. Khaidi No. 150

Khaidi No.150 is an entertaining movie starring Chiranjeevi who makes a comeback in this film after nine years. Chiranjeevi is the star of the movie and has a double role. The story is about Seenu escaping from jail to lead his life ahead but ends up meeting his doppelganger. Though he sent the lookalike in jail on his name but then got aware of something that makes him realize his mistake. Chiranjeevi’s performance and the great message in the film made it one of the best Telugu movies on Hotstar.

  • Gautamiputra Satakarni (2017)

5. Gautamiputra Satakarni

This movie is all about a king, Gautamiputra Satakarni which is played by Balakrishna. The movie showcases how this unsung king of the Satavahana Dynasty acquired two significant kingdoms by war and also how he defeated the Greeks who tried to invade India at that time. When the director Krish made Kanche, he already set a level in Tollywood, this movie stepped out of that level too.

  • Gaddalakonda Ganesh (2019)

6. Gaddalakonda Ganesh

Gaddalakonda Ganesh is an action thriller that is based on the life of a criminal. Abhilash is an aspiring director and wants to make a film on a deadly criminal whose name is Gaddalakonda Ganesh. When he was ready to start the film, Ganesh suddenly demands to become the hero of the film. The movie shows how he succeeds in finishing his film. The unique story and engaging execution make it one of the best Telugu movies on Hotstar.

  • Janatha Garage (2016)

7. Janatha Garage

Janatha Garage is a movie that is based on the message that we should help people and keep our surroundings safe. Satyam is a Janatha gang member who helps the poor and at the same time, Anand fights against whoever harms nature. Suddenly one day Satyam offers Anand to join the Janatha Gang. The rest of the movie shows whether Anand joins the gang and also unfolds the question as to why Satyam chose Anand for his gang.

  • Meeku Matrame Cheptha (2019)

8. Meeku Matrame Cheptha

Meeku Mathrame Cheptha is a comedy film produced by Vijay Devarakonda. The story revolves around Rakesh who works as a host of a TV channel and is about to marry his girlfriend soon when a video of him with his ex-girlfriend goes viral. The movie is all about what pain he goes through to delete that video. The situational comedy in this film not only made the audience laugh hard but is also one of the best Telugu movies on Hotstar.

  • M S Dhoni (2016)

9. M S Dhoni

M.S Dhoni is a Telugu dubbed movie which is based on the life story of the great cricketer in our Indian team Mahendra Singh Dhoni. From his childhood to his love life, this movie covered all the aspects of Dhoni’s life. The audience had a new experience knowing how much he struggled and what not he has seen to fulfill his dream.

  • Manamantha (2016)

10. Manamantha

Manamantha is a family-friendly movie with a pinch of thrill added to it. The movie is about four different characters and their life stories. How the simple lives of a schoolgirl, a college student, a housewife, and an assistant manager of a supermarket change drastically because of a thrilling event. This movie is one of the best Telugu movies on Hotstar because of its unique story and great execution.

  • Vikramarkudu (2006)

11. Vikramarkudu

Vikramarkudu is an action comedy film casting Ravi Teja who has played two roles in this film. Ravi Teja was the perfect pick for the lead as no other actor would have done the same. His performance was bang on and the action scenes were on fire. Though it’s an old movie of 2006, it still wins the hearts of the viewers.

  • Mirchi (2013)

12. Mirchi

Mirchi movie is a comedy-drama starring the amazing actor Prabhas. The movie is about Jai who falls in love with Manasa and tried to reform her family, but after a while, the truth comes out and Manasa gets to know about Jai’s past life. The movie is a Box Office hit because of Prabhas’s charm and the perfect dialogues in the film.

  • Raghuvaran B Tech (2014)

13. Raghuvaran B Tech

Raghuvaran is an entertainer who includes Dhanush as the main lead. This movie is originally a Tamil movie called VIP which is dubbed in Telugu. It is about a graduate who is jobless and falls in love with his neighbor. One day suddenly an event occurs in his family which changes his life completely. Dhanush has done a splendid performance in the film and the entertaining concept has helped to make it one of the best Telugu movies on Hotstar.

  • Raja Rani (2013)

14. Raja Rani

Raja Rani is a simple romance-themed film which includes a love story between James and Regina. Both of them get married to each other to please their parents but they do not even know the smallest things about each other. The rest of the movie shows how they gradually get fond of each other by getting aware of their pasts. The concept, the dialogue delivery, and the great performance of the lead actors form the highlight of the movie.

  • Bhale Bhale Magadivoy (2015)

15. Bhale Bhale Magadivoy

Bhale Bhale Magadivoy is a comedy film that is about Lucky, who leads a happy life but suffers from mild memory loss. His medical condition causes him to get into a situation where he has to handle a lot of problems. This movie is hilarious that doesn’t fail to make its audience laugh. The situational comedy and the funny concept make it one of the best Telugu movies on Hotstar.

  • Athadu (2005)

16. Athadu

This movie is one of the most popular movies in the history of Telugu films casting Mahesh babu. This movie includes all the elements for an entertainment package. Perfect dialogues, amazing cast, and great concept. Like all the movies Trivikram has ever directed, this movie was also a hit at the Box Office. To date, this movie touches the hearts of the viewers and is their all-time favorite Telugu movie to watch.

  • Chatrapathi (2005)

17. Chatrapathi

Chatrapathi is an action drama film which is known to be one of the best films of Rajamouli. Just like Athadu, this film is one of the most popular movies in the history of Telugu movies. All the elements in this movie like the action sequences, the romance scenes, and also the songs are fantastically accurate.

  • Teenmaar (2011)

18. Teenmaar

Teenmaar is a romance drama film and is a remake of the hit Bollywood film “Love Aaj Kal”. The film scored a great level of height on the basis of its emotional aspect and an equal amount of entertainment. Pawan did a great job in performing the double role in the movie. It comes under the best Telugu movies on Hotstar.

  • Solo (2017)

19. Solo

Solo is a romantic thriller that includes the life stories of four different characters. Their love lives, their after-life, and their temper for the smallest things. The idea of the movie was to represent these four characters like the four elements of our lives, water, air, fire, and earth.

  • Kerintha (2015)

20. Kerintha

Kerintha is a film that will make you recollect your college memories. The story is about three college couples who are happy and spend a good time in their college. When suddenly there occurs a turn of events and they all part their ways. This movie is a great package of entertainment for all age groups.

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