Are theatres going to be limited to just big films?

Day by day, the theatre culture is only fiddling out, with audiences not showing the same interest as they once used to, in going to the theatre and watching a movie. The pandemic sped up a process that was already underway, with the advent of OTT platforms, which not only provide a wide range of selection of content to watch, from across various languages but lets one watch them all from the comfort of their homes, in any device of their choice.

Small films are suffering the worst when released in theatres, while big films aren’t benefitting that much either. With huge and inflated budgets, and increased ticket prices to retrieve investments, the culture and practice of going to the cinema have been dying out sooner than expected. Only really huge films, on the scale of RRR or KGF 2, have been able to sustain in the theatres, despite increased ticket prices, due to the hype surrounding them.

The practice of going to the cinema and watching it is slowly diminishing, due to the various factors mentioned above, with the exception of huge movies. The changing society is also a contribution to this factor, and it is now to be seen how else things will turn out to be in the coming years.

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