All heroes following the same formula in Tollywood now

Tollywood has been greatly affected due to both the waves of coronavirus, with the daily wage workers being affected the most. Top actors have come forward to help them out, which eased their situation greatly. Now that films are back to shooting, post the second wave lockdown, the situations are once again better.

While situations are getting better, and theatres are ready to open anytime soon, there’s no guarantee till when things will look good, as experts are warning the nation of an inevitable third wave. As a result, everyone is trying to be as careful as possible, with actors trying to wrap up their films as soon as possible, and producers trying to release their films as soon as possible, so as to avoid financial burdens.

All actors in Tollywood are now looking towards wrapping up the schedules of their films in a single schedule – those that have neared completion, at least. Films like Sarkaru Vaari Paata and others can’t be wrapped up in a single schedule, given that their shooting started just this year. Wrapping up films in a single schedule would save time to a great extent, which would also give the way to release films quickly in theatres.

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