A befitting reply to Tollywood producers

For the past several months, Tollywood producers have been having their way when it comes to ticket prices. This has resulted in a major catastrophe in the industry, causing the producer’s guild to call for a unanimous halt to all shootings in the industry for some time so that they would be able to understand why movies weren’t working in theatres.

While the answer – insane ticket prices – was right in front of them, it looked as though no one wanted to take notice of it. Now, Sita Ramam and Bimbisara, both of which were released yesterday in theatres, have been received very positively by the audience, with the theatre occupancy having seen an upward trend on the second day for the films. The opening numbers for the film have also been impressive, despite a clash.

The major reason for the two films to be working is their concept and of course, reasonable ticket prices, which have made the audience want to go to theatres and watch the films. The result of Sita Ramam and Bimbisara is indeed a befitting reply to Tollywood producers, who have, hopefully, understood where the problem is, by now.

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